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Message from
Robin Chemers Neustein
In the 1990s, my family lived across the street from
The Rockefeller University, one of the world’s leading
centers for biomedical research. I was intrigued by the
University’s many Nobel Prize winners and its remarkable
record of scientific discovery. As a mother with a demand-
ing job at Goldman Sachs, I was also impressed with
Rockefeller’s on-campus children’s preschool, which serves
the families of its faculty, graduate students, and post-
doctoral fellows.
When we had the opportunity to attend some of the
lectures and presentations sponsored by the University,
we found the Rockefeller campus to be warm and
welcoming. Drawn by the intellectual energy of this unique
community, my family encouraged me to become more
involved. In 1998,
was launched by
several visionary women volunteers, and a few years later
I was invited to serve as a co-chair.
Working on behalf of
has enabled me
to get to know the women scientists at Rockefeller and to
contribute to the environment that the University is creating
in support of them.
has thrived beyond
anything its founders imagined. It has become a national
model for encouraging women to embrace scientific
research as a philanthropic interest.
I would like to thank those who have attended our
programs, as well as those who have
contributed to Partners in Discovery to help fund
Rockefeller’s women investigators. If you have not yet
become involved, I encourage you to do so. As you
will read in the following pages, while much has been
accomplished, our help is still needed to advance women
in science.
Robin Chemers Neustein
University Trustee