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Rockefeller University Council member Sarah Peter
recently funded a postdoctoral fellowship at Rockefeller.
She commented: “It was important to me to support a
woman scientist at the postdoctoral level—a point when
support is often most critical—and that it be in the
laboratory of a woman scientist like Dr. Mary Jeanne
Kreek, who is a strong role model and mentor to young
women in science.” Ms. Peter chose to name the fellow-
ship for Dorothea Dix, the renowned 19th century
reformer. Katharine M. Seip-Cammack, Ph.D., the
Dorothea Dix Postdoctoral Fellow, is studying the neuro-
biology of relapse in heroin addiction. Dr. Kreek, a
notable pioneer in the study of addictive disease, heads
the laboratory where Dr. Seip-Cammack pursues insights
that could lead to more effective treatment programs for
heroin addiction.
supporter Sarah Peter (center) visits Dorothea Dix Postdoctoral
Fellow Kate Seip-Cammack (left) and Professor Mary Jeanne Kreek.
The Collaborative Research Center (CRC)
fosters interaction among scientists and
enhances collaboration across disciplines.
The CRC comprises historic Smith and
Flexner Halls, linked by the Maurice R.
and Corinne P. Greenberg Building.