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6 .
is also helping to change the culture of Rockefeller
by engaging more women in philanthropic leadership
positions at the University, especially at the Board level.
Before the initiative was established, only two women
served on Rockefeller’s Board of Trustees; today one-
third of the trustees are women. Greater involvement and
visibility of women at the highest level of governance at the
University increases recognition and support for all women
at Rockefeller.
At the same time, the Rockefeller investigators who are
bene ting from
are making signi cant contributions
to biomedicine and guiding the next generation of scientists.
Through their leadership on campus and in the broader
scienti c community, they are helping to change the face
of science nationally.
Rockefeller President Marc Tessier-Lavigne with Holly
Andersen, a leading cardiologist and associate professor at
Weill Cornell Medical College. Dr. Andersen spoke at the
Spring Lecture and Luncheon in 2010. She recently joined the
University’s Board of Trustees.