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Advisory Committee for Clinical and Translational Science (ACCTS)

The Advisory Committee on Clinical and Translational Science (ACCTS) is responsible to the Principal Investigator of the CTSA grant and provides the overall governance of the Center. The ACCTS supervises and reviews the operations of all aspects of the Center, setting general policies, delineating common needs of Center investigators, and evaluating projects for Center use. No studies are undertaken without ACCTS approval, except for urgent studies created by an unexpected research opportunity. In these cases, temporary approval can be authorized by the IRB and Center Program Director. The role of the ACCTS includes:

The ACCTS meets monthly, on the first Wednesday of each month. The membership includes six senior faculty investigators, five junior faculty investigators, six Center staff members, and two University representatives. The Center Director and Co-Director serve as ex-officio members.

To assist the ACCTS in fulfilling its role and function, a Resource Utilization form has been developed, indicating the service(s) required for Nursing (patient illness severity and/or special needs, specimen collection, invasive procedures, and laboratory tests); Bionutrition (type/frequency of patient meals, anthropometric measurements, nutrient intake assessments, special requirements); Pharmacy (types of medications, dispensing requirements, compounding and randomization/blinding); Biostatistics (experimental design, sample size determination, data analysis); and Informatics (investigators' operating system needs, data analysis software requirements, informatics consulting services). These forms are used by the ACCTS in determining project priority (NIH-funded clinical research receives first priority), and operational review to assure that ACCTS resources are used for the most scientifically worthy projects.

Membership of the ACCTS
Robert Darnell, MD, PhD (Chair) Senior Research Associate, Laboratory of Biochemical Genetics and Metabolism
Yupu Liang,  PhD Manager, Hospital Informatics Core
Ryder, L. Collette, MBA, CRA Director, Sponsored Research and Program Development
Barry S. Coller, MD Director CCTS, Principal Investigator CTSA; Physician-in-Chief, Rockefeller University Hospital; Professor & Laboratory Head, Blood and Vascular Disease
 Rita Devine, RN, MPA Acting Director of Nursing and Patient Care Services
Lisa C. Hudgins, MD Attending Physician, Associate Professor, The Rogosin Institute/Weill Cornell Medical College
Rhonda Kost, MD Clinical Research Support Officer
James Krueger, MD, PhD Rockefeller University Hospital Chief Operating Officer (C.E.O.); Co-Director CCTS, Co-Principal Investigator CTSA; Professor & Laboratory Head, Investigative Dermatology
Michelle Lowes, MD, PhD Assistant Professor of Clinical Investigation, Laboratory of Investigative Dermatology
Barbara O'Sullivan, MD, MPH Rockefeller University Hospital Medical Director; Hospitalist
Charles Rice, PhD Professor and Laboratory Head, Virology and Infectious Diseases
Andrea Ronning, MA, RD Director, Bionutrition Research
Sarah Schlesinger, MD Research Associate Professor, Laboratory of Cellular Physiology and Immunology
Teresa Solomon, Esq Assistant Counsel, University Office of General Counsel
Maija Williams, BA, MPH Administrative Director
Roger Vaughn, MS, DrPH Biostatistician
Consultants/Ad Hoc Reviewers
Arleen Auerbach, PhD Consultant, Associate Professor, Human Genetics and Hematology
Donna Brassil Clinical Research Nurse Facilitator
Advisory Committee for Clinical and Translational Science (ACCTS)The Advisory Committee on Clinical and Translational Science (ACCTS) is responsible to the Principal Investigator of the CTSA grant a