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Center for Studies in Physics and Biology

Today, as a result of remarkable advances in molecular biology and computer science, a wealth of data is emerging from the fields of cell biology, neurobiology, immunology, structural biology and genetics. The Center for Studies in Physics and Biology was conceived by physicists and biologists who believe that increased communication at the interface between their disciplines will make the best use of this data and lead to a greater breadth of innovative solutions to biological questions.

Much of the work at the center aims to understand how physical laws govern the operation of the biochemical machinery and the processing of information inside cells. To this end, both the basic physical properties of biological systems (such as elasticity of DNA and DNA-protein interactions) and the application of physical techniques to the modeling of neural, genetic and metabolic networks are studied. Interaction between scientists is further encouraged through a regular seminar series.

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Mitchell J. Feigenbaum, Ph.D.