The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

M Typing Reference Strains
Strain Directory: M type 1 to 67

Group A:

Non-Typable Strains:

10RP56 10RP64 10RP68 10RS10 10RS2/14/0 10RS2/100/1 10RS2/59/2 10RS2 (Small colony) 10RS62 11RP255 11RS10 11RS14 (TH) 11RS14 (RN) 11RS15 (T; dead 3/17/1966) 11RS17 11RS2 (Nose) 11RS2 (TH) 11RS28 (RN) 11RS28 (TH) 11RS28 (LN) 12RP105 12RP217 12RS14 (LN) 12RS14 (TH) 12RS14 12RS2 12RS37 (Small colony) 12RS61 (RN) 12RS61 (TH) 12RS93 13RP19 13RS10 13RS14 (LN) 13RS2 13RS37 13RS63 13RS87 14RS10 14RS14 (LN) 14RS14/16/1 14RS14 (TH) 14RS2 14RS25 14RS68/21/1 14RS68 15RP105 15RP91 15RS10 15RS101 15RS14 (LN) 15RS14/10/2 15RS14 (RN) 15RS2 15RS25 15RS37 (RN) 15RS37 (TH) 15RS37 (LN) 15RS68 (Dead 4/1/1966) 15RS87 (TH) 15RS87 (RN) 16RP19 16RS37 16RS68 (TH) 16RS87 17RP255 17RS101 17RS37 (RN) 17RS37 (TH) 18RP60 (Dead 7/16/1979) 18RS14 (TH) 18RS14 (RN; dead 3/17/1966) 18RS37 19RS10 19RS2 19RS27 (LN) 19RS27 (RN) 19RS37 (TH) 19RS37 (RN) 19RS87 19RSC77 1GL135 1GL172 1GL4 1GL74 1RP156 1RP18 (RN) 1RP18 (Leg.?) 1RP18 (Leg.?; 2) 1RP18 (LN) 1RP190 (A) 1RP257 1RP269 1RP274 1RP49 (II) 1RP49 (I) 1RP49 1RP50 1RP66 1RRP274/19/1 (Variant) 1RS40 (A) 1RS76 1RS88 (TH) 1RSC104 (LN) 1RSC104 (RN) 1RSC112 (TH) 1RSC114 (LN) 1RSC114 (TH) 1RSC12 1RSC138 (TH) 1RSC154 (Sm. colony) 1RSC17 1RSC180 (Dead 7/18/1979) 1RSC4 (Dead 7/18/1979) 1RSC84 (TH) 1RSC9 (TH) 20RS10 20RS37 (RN) 20RS37 (TH) 21RS10/10/2 21RS10 21RS14 (RN) 21RS14 (TH; dead 3/17/1966) 21RS14 (LN) 22RP43 22RS10 22RS14 (TH) 22RS14 (RN) 22RS14 (LN) 22RS26 (RN) 22RS26 22RS37 23RP43 23RS14 (RN) 23RS14 (LN) 23RS20 23RS26 23RS38 (LN) 23RS72 (RN) 23RS72 (LN) 24HC 24RS10 24RS26 (TH) 24RS26 (RN) 24RS26 (LN) 25RS15 (LN) 25RS15 (TH) 26RS15 (LN) 26RS15 (TH) 26RS15 (RN) 26RS26 26RS37 277HP 27RS15 (TH) 27RS15 (LN) 27RS26 (RN) 27RS26 (LN) 27RS26 (TH) 27RS37 27RS74 (TH) 27RS74 (RN) 28RP279 28RP65 28RP91 28RS15 28RS74 29RS15 (LN) 29RS15 (TH) 29RS2 (Rt. tonsil) 29RS26 2GL146 2GL152 (Dead 7/20/1979) 2GL188 2GL42 2RP105 (Dead 7/16/1979) 2RP266 2RP274 2RP28 2RP47 (Op.) 2RP78 2RS62 (TH) 2RS62 (LN) 2RS85 2RSC11 2RSC17 2RSC195 2RSC4 (RN) 2RSC4 (TH) 2RSC4 (LN; Dead 7/18/1979) 2RSC7 (TH) 2RSC72 (TH) 2RSC75 (RN) 2RSC8 (LN) 2RSC8 (TH) 30RP145 30RP253 30RS15 30RS37 30RS39 (RN) 30RS39 (TH) 31RS37 32RS15 32RS37 33RS15 33RS37 (LN) 33RS37 (TH) 33RS72 (LN) 34RS15 34RS84 34RS84 (RN #26) 35RP47 (Dead 7/16/1979) 35RS12 35RS15 36RS10 36RS72 (TH) 37RP17 37RS15 37RS26 38RP38 38RS10 38RS15 38RS26 39RS10 3GL156 3GL188 3GL42 3RP150 3RP255 3RP274 3RP84 3RS40 3RS62 3RS85 3RSC17 3RSC4 (RN) 3RSC4 (TH) 3RSC4 (LN) 3RSC8 (TH) 3RSC8 (RN) 3RSC84 40RS15 42RS10 42RS37 48HC 4GL156 4GL188 4GL42 (dead) 4RP82 4RS40 4RS63 4RS93 4RS93 (LN) 4RS93 (TH) 4RSC77A (LN) 50RS10 51RS10 53RS10 55RS15 59RS15 5GL188 5GL38 5GL42 5GL68 5RP251 5RP26 (T) 5RS21 5RS40 5RS76 5RS93 5RSC8 60RS15 61RS10 6ARSC75 (LN; Matt) 6ARSC75 (RN; Matt) 6ARSC75 (T; Matt; dead 3/17/1966) 6GL42 6GL45 6GL88 6RS40 6RS63 6RS76 6RS93 6RSC18 77HO 7BRS21 7DRS21 7ERS21 7GL144 7GL42 7GL88 7RP136 7RP68 7RS15 7RS40 (Nose) 7RS40 (TH; dead 3/17/1966) 7RS62 7RS76 7RS8 (Nose) 7RS8 (TH) 7RS85 89HC 8GL45 8GL88 8RP135 8RP255 8RS20 (LN) 8RS20 (RN) 8RS21 8RS31 8RS69 (LN) 8RS69 (RN) 8RS76 (Large colony) 8RSC165 (RN) 8RSC4 (LN) 8RSC4 (TH) 8RSC4 (RN) 98HC 99HC 9GL181 (Dead 11/6/1961) 9GL45 9RP33 9RS10/47/0 9RS10 9RS15 9RS20 9RS61 (RN) 9RS61 (LN) 9RS61 (TH) A183 (B) A202 A210 A211 A212 A213 A214 (Dead) A214 A215 A231 (Dead) A232 A233 A234 A235 A236 A236/99/1 (Dead 4/8/1983) A237 A238 (Dead) A239 A243 (Possibly T49) A444/7/1 A467 A468 A469 A471 A473 A474 A475 A476 A477 A478 A541 A543 A543/19 A543 A543/19/1 A544 A547/33/1 (Var.) A547 A561 A562 A563 A564 A565 A583 A584 A585 A587 A588 A589 A595 A597 A598 A600 A601 A603 A608 A611 A614 A616 A618 A631 A637 A642 A643 A644 A648 A649 (Var.) A650 (Var.) A653 A690 A703 A709 A712 A713 (Variant) A714 (Variant) A715 (Variant) A719 A751 A805 A806 A807 A808 A809 A810 A811 A812 A813 A814 A824 (1) A858 A869 A871/14/1 A871 A872/13/1 A872 A897 A897/17/1 A898/17/1 A898 A905 A920/68/1 (Crosses ++ with CEO A. Var.) A921/67/1 A922 A923 A935 A946 A947 A948 (1) A949 A957 A958 A979 A981 A985 A986 A988 A991 (1) A994 AB13 AB13 (= C86) AB3/0/2 AW57 B202 B203 B216 (Mixed) B265 B267 B307 B308 B309 B310 B311 B323 B324 B363 (3) B363 (8) B363 (14) B363 (9; Dead 11/1/1982) B367 B368 B373 B391 (Dead 11/8/1982) B396 (Dead 6/1982) B397 (Dead 6/1982) B398 B399 B400 B404 B406 (3) B406 (4) B408 (1) B420 B421/100/0 (Variant) B421/59/0 (Variant; Dead 6/1982) B421 (Original 10RSZ) B421/14/0 (Variant) B422/10/0 (Variant) B422 (Original 21RS10; Last tube dead 5/2/1980) B428 B430 B431 B436 B436 (T; Dead 6/1982) B440 B452 (Variant) B455 (Small colony; Variant) B458 (2) B458 (Dead 11/1/1982) B472 B473 B484 (1; Dead 11/8/1982) B484 (Dead 6/1982) B487 B513 B515 B515/40/1 B537 B560 B581 (1) B582 B589/12/1 (Dead 11/8/1982) B589 B590/21/1 B590 B592 B607 (2) B608 (2) B609 (Dead 11/1/1982) B632 (Dead 6/1982) B644 (Dead 6/1982) B644 (1; Dead 6/1982) B649 B717 B746 B747 B759 B764B B773 B774 B777 B779 B780 B781 B782 B783 B784 B789 B795 B797 (Dead 11/1/1982) B842 B890 B893 B895 B924 B928 B942 B981 B982 B989 Boston/0/33 C102 C122 (Matt) C122 (Glossy; dead 7/30/1966) C124 C128 C130 C148 C156 (Dead 11/8/1982) C173 C174 C176 C176 (Glossy) C176 (Matt) C177/35/1 C181 C182 (Lg.; Matt) C182 (Sm.; Matt) C182 (Glossy) C184 C185 C186 C187 C198 C20 C205 C215 C220 C224 C225 C226 C230 (Dead 11/8/1982) C231 C232 C233 C236 C237 C238 C27 C271 C272 C30 C303 C304 C32 C34 C346 C347 C368 C369 C370 C373 C376 C38 C40 C43 C431 (B) C431 C431 (A) C431 (Glossy) C431 (Matt) C460 C470 C48 C497 (Ear) C50 C50A C53 C538 C55 C596 C597 C621 C622 C623 C64 C65 C668 C693 C694 C710 C711 C712 C713 C715 C76 C763 C763 (A) C777 C778 C827 C83 C841/81/0 C841 C841/46/0 C86 (= AB13; also kept?) C873 C874 C875 C877 C878 C880 C881 C886 C888 C89 C891 C892 C893 C90 C99 C99 (Dead 5/25/1983) C998/16/3 (Glossy) C998/14/1 (Matt) C999 (Cooper 31 22/11/3) C999 (Cooper 31 22/11/2) D137 D145 (C) D151 D183 (D) D183 (A) D183 (C) D303 D308 D310 D324 D325 D326 D328 D329 D332 D333 D362 D363 D364 D365 D366 D368 D369 D370 D371 D376 D377 D379 D380 D381 D382 D383 D399 D400 D404 D405 D406 D407 D456 D484 D507 D510 D511 D516 D538 D54 D619 D620 D621 D622 D625 D627 D629 D636 D640 D649 D650 D669 D670 D671 D683 D698 D704 D706 D726 D729 D7310/4 D735 D736 D740 D771 D772 D775 D779 D78 (C) D78 (B) D780 D787 D79 D813 D814 D816 D820 D830 D832 D833 D834 D837 D838 D840 D842 D843 D847 D848 D849 D850 D852 D853 D854 D866 D873 D877 D883 D899 D910 D944 D950 D962 D965 D967 D969 D970 D971 D972 D973 D974 D975 D977 EC/0/6 F145 F175 F177 (A) F178 F18 F203 (C) F226 (C) F378 F411 (1) F411 F412 F414 F415 F417 F419 F421 (Crosses in all) F654 F657 F659 F666 F669 F673 F686 F687 F688 F689 F691 F693 F695 F696 F701 F705 F706 F708 F717 F72 (B) F720 F726 F728 F734 F752 F9/0/3 H16 H93A3 J132A J132B J132C J132F J132F J134/0/4 J153 J17A4 J23/0/1 J42/0/2 K109 K138/0/2 K152/1/7 K158 (C) K197/0/3 K210/0/2 K224/0/8 K235/140/1 K235/62/2 K235/100/2 K235/0/7 K237/0/6 K25A/0/4 K25B/0/4 M2/0/8 M73/0/2 O140B/0/10 O28A/0/2 O48 R132/0/3 R135/0/3 S271/3/1 S271/0/13 S272/11/2 S272PW/RB26/1