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User Guides and Training Documents Now Available - 6/11/18

RAS-Grants Live Site

Rockefeller Developing New Grants Management System

The Rockefeller University recently launched a new electronic platform, called the Research Administration System (“RAS”), to manage our grants and financial conflict-of-interest programs.  We are working with Huron Consulting Group to design and implement RAS.  A significant benefit of RAS is that the grants and conflict-of-interest programs will be integrated, with the goal of enhancing the University’s compliance efforts and reducing the administrative burden for researchers and administrators.

NEWS: New Budgeting Process Coming with RAS-Grants

Grants management impacts the entire Rockefeller research community, involving faculty, staff, and administration, and it spans the lifecycle of extramural funding from proposal submission to award closeout. For the past several years, the University has utilized the InfoEd system to track proposals and awards. However, the system has several limitations which make it difficult to efficiently submit and manage grants. To ease the grants process and make it easier for faculty and staff to submit, manage and administer awards, we will be implementing RAS-Grants. The new RAS-Grants system will allow more seamless collaboration among the various parts of the research communities at Rockefeller, including the administration and tracking of awards, a workflow which will replace paper routing forms, and the ability to provide better reporting data.

These features include:

  • Integration with the RAS-COI program.
  • More efficient proposal tracking processes, thus reducing the burden on faculty and lab administrators.
  • Pre-population of certain data from the proposal record to the award record, thus eliminating the need to retrieve and retype this information.
  • Transparency of the state of a particular proposal at any time – in draft, in review by Sponsored Programs, etc.
  • A flexible platform that will allow Rockefeller to respond to the growing and changing needs of the research community through additional modules and the ability to interface with other Rockefeller systems.
  • Reduction of paper files, enabling electronic transfer of data to other administrative offices across campus.

We will continue to provide high quality services to the faculty and staff and to support research while protecting the University’s interests and assuring that Rockefeller is in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. RAS will allow us to meet these goals while allowing the research community to focus on improving and expanding our already world-class research programs.

Through newsletters and regular updates to our project website, we will keep the Rockefeller community informed on our progress toward full implementation of RAS-Grants. We welcome your input and strongly encourage you to provide feedback via email to Collette Ryder, Director, OSPA at  Also, see FAQs regarding the project.

We greatly appreciate your support and patience as we implement RAS-Grants, and we look forward to continuing our support of the research community.