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Translational Technology Core Laboratory

The Translational Technology Core Laboratory (TTCL) supports the Rockefeller University investigators. The TTCL is funded by the Clinical Translational Science Award. It is located in the Rockefeller University Hospital, Room 234.

The Center is equipped with a BD LSRII, a Luminex, two 7900HTRT-PCRs, a Sector Imager Reader, a Fluostar Omega plate reader, The Erenna Immunoassay System, and an automated cell counter. The LSR II is a multi-laser flow cytometer (blue, violet, UV, red and yellow/green lasers, see configuration) which has the ability to analyze multiple cellular parameters in parallel. The Luminex is a dual-laser flow cytometer that is able to detect 20 to 30 different extracellular (cell culture s/n), intracellular or nuclear proteins and gene expression for simultaneous analysis. The Sector Imager Reader can detect multiple biomarkers from complex biological matrices. The Fluostar Omega has four detection modes, UV/Vis absorbance spectra, fluorescence and luminescence. The Erenna Immunoassay System is the the most sensitive immunoassay available, it quantifies low-abundance biomarkers (subpicogram concentrations) in serum/plasma, CFS, tissue lysates, etc.

The Center offers