The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

M Typing Reference Strains
Strain Directory: M type 1 to 67

Group A:

Type 1 Strains:

M1 Typing Reference Strain: T1/195/1
10RS42 (LN) 10RS42 (Face) 10RS42 (RN) 13RS42 (LN?) 13RS42 (RN?) 14RP81 14RS42 16RP81 16RS42 18RP30 (Dead 7/22/1965) 18RP81 18RS42 1GL100 1GL104 1GL184 (Dead 11/6/1961) 1GL25 1GL255 1GL287 1GL310 1GL315 (Dead 6/11/1962) 1GL358 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL48 1GL87 1GL92 1RP264 1RP56 1RP56 (Matt) 1RP80 (Dead 7/16/1979) 1RP94 1RS88 (RN) 1RS88 (LN) 21RP81 22RP80 (by S.A.; Dead 7/20/1979) 22RS75 (TH) 22RS75 (LN) 23RS75 24RP233 24RS75 (RN) 24RS75 (TH) 24RS75 (LN) 2GL110 2GL176 (Dead 3/17/1966) 2GL25 2GL255 2GL287 2GL310 2GL66 2GL92 31RS67 32RS67 33RS67 34RS67 35RS67 37RP76 39RP110 3GL104 3GL110 3GL158 3GL178 3GL208 3GL222 3GL223 3GL25 3GL255 3GL28 3GL29 (Dead 7/20/1979) 3GL310 (Dead 6/11/1962) 3GL66 3GL73 3GL99 3RP215 40RP110 (Dead 7/16/1979) 41RS15 (LN) 41RS15 (RN) 41RS15 (TH) 42RS15 (TH; Sm.Col.?) 42RS15 (LN; Lg.Col.?) 42RS15 (LN; Sm.Col.?) 42RS15 (TH; Lg.Col.?) 43RS15 (LN) 43RS15 (TH) 43RS15 (TH) 44RS15 (RN) 44RS15 (LN) 46RS15 46RS15 (RN) 46RS15 (TH) 47RP38 47RS15 48RS15 49RS15 4GL104 4GL110 4GL13 4GL14 4GL15 (Dead 7/20/1979) 4GL158 4GL178 4GL208 4GL222 4GL255 (Dead 4/16/1962) 4GL70 4GL71 4GL73 4GL99 4RS78 (A) 50RS15 51RS15 52RS15 5GL104 5GL15 5GL154 5GL158 5GL255 (Dead 4/16/1962) 5GL39 5GL45 5GL70 5GL86 6GL70 (Dead 7/20/1979) 6GL86 8RP81 (Dead 7/16/1979) 9RP84 A540 A592 A606 A613 A744 A746 A747 A828 A829 A836 A841 A854 A855 A904 (1) B270 B534 (1) B607 B607 (1) B862 B864 B865 B866 B867 B868 (Dead 1982) B878 B894 B896 (Dead 1982) B931 C564 C566 C579 (LN; Tordy) C580 C581 C582 C583 C583/13 C584 C584 C585 (Mixed) C587 C588 C589 C590 C591 C592 C593 C595 C676 (by S.A.) C677 (by S.A.) C682 (by S.A.) C687 (by S.A.) C71 C764 (?) C765 (?) C766 (?) C767 (?) C768 (?) C769 (?) C770 C771 C772 C773 (?) D402 D405 (1) D426 D480 (1) D481 D56 D649 D650 D651 D652 D653 D654 D710 D732 D747 D754 F163A F203D F340 F367 F369 F374 F375 F379 F380 F741 H112/0/0 H93A6 J112 J138A/0/3 J138B/0/2 J77/0/3 K43 (op.) K43/20/0 K43 (Var.-C) K43 (original C; (2)) K43 (Blue) K43 (original C) K43 M116/0/3 S118/79/1 S118/94/3 S118/50/0 T1/52/4 (Matt) T1/79/3 T1/91/1 T1/119/5 T1/140/2 T1/195/1 Type 1