The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

M Typing Reference Strains
Strain Directory: M type 1 to 67

Group A:

Type 18 Strains:

M18 Typing Reference Strain: J17C/55/3
10RP30 (Dead 7/16/1979) 10RP86 11RS30 (7/16/1979) 11RS37 12RS37 (Lg. Col.) 1RP110 1RP193 (Dead 7/16/1979) 1RP209 1RP268 1RP271 1RP295 1RP38/24/1 1RP38 1RP68 1RSC23 23RP255 2RP227 2RP268A 2RP271 2RP30 2RSC23 3RSC23 4RP104 4RP217 4RSC23 5RSC23 6RP30 6RP32 (Dead 7/16/79) 7RP86 85RP187 8RP30 (RN) 8RP86 (Dead 7/16/1979) 9RP30 (LN) 9RP30 (TH) 9RS37 (Lg. Col.) A290A A437 A461 A941 A961 (Bacterocin sensitive) A992 B374 B392 B438 B438 B606 B734 C276B C284 C573 C607 D331 (non mucoid Group A Type 18) D331 (mucoid Group A Type 18) D464 E7/0/5 (??) F157 F725 F731 F739 H76 J17C J17C/55/1 K187 Type 18