The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

M Typing Reference Strains
Strain Directory: M type 1 to 67

Group A:

Type 19 Strains:

M19 Typing Reference Strain: J17D/70/6
10RSC19 10RSC28 10RSC48 (TH) 10RSC51 (LN) 11RP56 11RSC36 (RN) 12RP181 12RS64 12RSC28 (LN) 12RSC56 (LN) 12RSC77 (TH) 13RS64 16RS6 17RP181 18RP188 (Dead 7/16/1979) 18RP77 19RS6 (LN) 19RS6 (TH) 1GL103 1GL108 1GL109 1GL110 (Dead 12/18/1959) 1GL111 (Dead 12/18/1959) 1GL112 1GL113 1GL114 1GL117 1GL121 1GL126 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL132 1GL134 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL136 (Dead 2/10/1960) 1GL139 1GL141 (Crosses with Type 30) 1GL142 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL148 1GL151 1GL152 1GL159 1GL16 1GL162 (Dead 11/6/1961) 1GL171 1GL174 (Dead 2/10/1960) 1GL175 1GL178 1GL18 1GL182 (Dead 11/3/1961) 1GL187 (Dead 11/6/1961) 1GL191 1GL194 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL195 (Dead 1/5/1962) 1GL2 1GL205 1GL212 1GL220 1GL225 1GL226 1GL233 1GL234 1GL238 1GL240 1GL242 1GL246 1GL248 1GL256 1GL26 1GL260 (Dead 4/16/1962) 1GL265 1GL278 (Dead 5/15/1962) 1GL283 (Dead 5/15/1962) 1GL291 1GL295 1GL296 1GL299 1GL301 1GL302 1GL316 1GL321 1GL323 1GL327 1GL328 1GL329 1GL33 1GL333 (Dead 6/11/1962) 1GL334 1GL336 1GL337 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL338 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL339 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL34 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL342 1GL347 1GL348 1GL349 1GL355 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL356 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL359 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL36 1GL362 1GL366 1GL371 1GL373 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL374 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL379 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL4 (Dead 4/1/1966) 1GL40 1GL50 1GL51 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL59 1GL6 1GL63 1GL65 1GL67 1GL71 1GL75 1GL8 1GL81 1GL82 1GL83 1GL94 1GLB2 1RP1 1RP103 1RP118 1RP181 1RP232 1RP275 1RP39 1RP43 1RP6 (LN; Dead 7/16/1979) 1RP9 (RN) 1RP97 1RSC101 (RN) 1RSC101 (LN) 1RSC105 (LN) 1RSC106 1RSC110 (LN) 1RSC110 (TH) 1RSC110 (RN) 1RSC111 (TH) 1RSC113 (TH) 1RSC115 (TH) 1RSC118 (LN; Dead 7/19/1979) 1RSC124 (TH) 1RSC13 1RSC14 (LN) 1RSC14 (TH) 1RSC141 (TH) 1RSC143 (RN) 1RSC143 (TH) 1RSC15 (LN) 1RSC15 (TH) 1RSC15 (RN) 1RSC16/18/1 1RSC16 1RSC168 (LN) 1RSC174 (TH) 1RSC178 1RSC185 (TH) 1RSC188 (TH) 1RSC19 1RSC191? 1RSC21 1RSC24 (LN) 1RSC28 (LN; Dead 7/19/1979) 1RSC28 1RSC28 (RN; Dead 7/19/1979) 1RSC28 (TH; Dead 7/19/1979) 1RSC29 (TH) 1RSC30 (TH) 1RSC31 (TH) 1RSC32 (RN) 1RSC33 1RSC34 (TH) 1RSC35 (RN; Dead 7/19/1979) 1RSC36 1RSC37 (RN) 1RSC38 (Dead 4/1/1966) 1RSC38 (RN; dead 3/17/1966) 1RSC39 (TH) 1RSC40 (T; Dead 7/19/1979) 1RSC40 1RSC41 (TH) 1RSC42 (TH) 1RSC44 1RSC45 (T) 1RSC46 1RSC46 (RN) 1RSC47 1RSC48 (TH; Dead 7/19/1979) 1RSC49 (LN) 1RSC52 1RSC53 1RSC54 (TH) 1RSC55 1RSC55 (RN) 1RSC57 (RN) 1RSC59 (TH) 1RSC61 (TH) 1RSC62 (LN) 1RSC63 (TH) 1RSC64 1RSC65 (TH) 1RSC66 (RN) 1RSC69 (TH) 1RSC70 (TH) 1RSC71 1RSC72 (TH) 1RSC74 (TH) 1RSC75 (TH) 1RSC75 (LN) 1RSC75 (RN) 1RSC76 (LN) 1RSC77 (TH; Dead 4/1/1966) 1RSC77 (RN;1) 1RSC79 (TH) 1RSC79 (LN) 1RSC80 1RSC85 (TH) 1RSC85 (LN) 1RSC85 (RN) 1RSC89 (TH) 1RSC91 (TH) 1RSC91 (LN) 1RSC91 (RN) 1RSC93 (RN) 1RSC93 (LN) 1RSC93 (TH) 1RSC96 (TH) 1RSC98 (TH) 1RSC98 (LN) 1RSC9T 20RS6 21RP181 22RP181 23RP181 26RP19 29RSC56 (LN) 29RSC56 (T) 2GL102 2GL104 2GL108 2GL111 2GL112 2GL113 2GL114 2GL117 2GL121 (Dead 1/21/1960) 2GL121 2GL122 2GL132 2GL134 2GL136 2GL139 (Dead 2/10/1960) 2GL142 2GL148 2GL16 2GL162 (Dead 11/6/1961) 2GL174 (Dead 4/1/1966) 2GL178 2GL18 2GL180 2GL194 2GL2 2GL205 2GL220 2GL222 2GL225 (Dead 7/20/1979) 2GL233 (Dead 7/20/1979) 2GL234 2GL242 2GL246 (Dead 4/16/1962) 2GL26 2GL266 2GL270 2GL273 2GL295 2GL296 2GL305 2GL309 (Gr.A H; Gr.A Var.HH) 2GL316 (Dead 6/11/1962) 2GL318 2GL328 (Dead 6/11/1962) 2GL33 2GL336 2GL337 (Dead 7/20/1979) 2GL34 2GL342 2GL36 2GL371 (Dead 7/20/1979) 2GL4 (Dead 7/20/1979) 2GL50 2GL51 (Dead 7/20/1979) 2GL59 2GL63 2GL65 2GL67 2GL75 2GL8 (Crosses with Type 3) 2GL81 2GL82 2GL91 2GLB2 (Dead 7/20/1979) 2RP6 (TH) 2RP9 (TH) 2RSC107 (LN) 2RSC107 (RN) 2RSC107 (TH) 2RSC13 2RSC15 2RSC19 2RSC21 2RSC68 (TH) 2RSC75 (LN) 2RSC80 (TH) 3GL102 3GL108 3GL111 3GL112 (Dead 12/18/1959) 3GL113 3GL114 3GL121 3GL132 3GL134 3GL136 3GL14 3GL142 3GL148 3GL152 3GL153 3GL16 3GL174 3GL180 3GL186 (Dead 11/6/1961) 3GL194 (Dead 3/5/1962) 3GL196 3GL199 (Dead 3/5/1962) 3GL220 3GL226 3GL229 3GL246 (Dead 4/16/1962) 3GL270 (Dead 4/16/1962) 3GL273 3GL295 (Dead 7/20/1979) 3GL296 3GL30 3GL309 (Dead 6/11/1962) 3GL316 3GL328 3GL337 (Dead 7/20/1979) 3GL34 3GL342 3GL38 3GL4 3GL40 3GL50 (Dead 7/20/1979) 3GL59 (Dead 7/20/1979) 3GL62 3GL63 3GL65 3GL67 3GL69 3GL71 3GL72 3GL78 3GL81 3GL82 3GL83 3GL91 3RP232 3RP296 3RSC111 3RSC13 3RSC19 3RSC21 3RSC65 (TH) 3RSC80 46RP124 4GL102 4GL108 (Dead 4/1/1966) 4GL112 (Dead 7/20/1979) 4GL113 4GL134 4GL137 4GL148 4GL152 4GL153 4GL180 (Dead 11/6/1961) 4GL19 4GL194 4GL196 4GL216 4GL218 4GL226 4GL234 4GL269 (Dead 4/16/1962) 4GL296 4GL30 4GL309 4GL328 (Dead 7/20/1979) 4GL342 4GL40 (Dead 7/20/1979) 4GL47 (Dead 7/20/1979) 4GL50 (Dead 4/1/1966) 4GL55 4GL63 4GL72 4GL77 4GL78 4GL82 (Dead 7/20/1979) 4GL91 4RSC121 (TH) 4RSC15 4RSC19 4RSC21 4RSC55 (LN) 4RSC63 (TH) 4RSC69 (LN) 4RSC79 4RSC85 (LN) 5GL102 5GL113 5GL148 5GL152 5GL180 5GL19 5GL196 (Dead 1/5/1962) 5GL226 5GL30 5GL309 5GL328 5GL342 5GL63 5GL77 5GL91 5GL97 5RP9 (TH) 5RSC19 5RSC21 5RSC55 (LN) 5RSC57 (RN) 5RSC59 (TH) 5RSC65 (TH) 5RSC71 (RN) 5RSC79 (LN; Dead 4/1/1966) 5RSC83 (RN; Dead 7/19/1979) 6GL102 6GL113 6GL148 6GL152 6GL30 6GL342 6GL44 6GL62 6RP90 6RSC19 6RSC21 6RSC43 6RSC57 (TH) 6RSC61 (TH) 7GL148 7GL30 7GL44 7GL86 (Dead 12/14/1959) 7RP90 7RSC19 7RSC61 7RSC63 (TH) 7RSC71 (TH) 8GL44 8RP6 8RP82 8RSC19 8RSC53 (LN) 8RSC63 (TH) 9RP6 (Dead 7/16/1979; Gr.A ++; Gr.A Var. ++++) 9RSC19 9RSC35 A289 A944 B290 B345 B363 (4) B363 (2) B363(12) B363(13) B381 B406 B406(1) (Dead 11/1/1982) B407 B407(1) (Dead 6/1982) B408 B417 (Dead 6/82) B417/17B (Dead 6/1982) B876 (Chile) B877 (Chile) C164 C23A C23B C23C C23D C23E C23F C291 C296 C310 C311 C39 C428 C437 C438 C442 C442 C458 (M+T) C473 C499 (M+T) C500 (M+T) C574 (Dead 11/8/1982) C613 C614 C637 C637/RB7 C637/RB7/21 C653 (M only) C655 (M only) C660 (M only) C780 C809 (Sulfa resistant; Xanthene requirement positive) C810 (Sulfa resistant; Xanthene requirement positive) C811 (Sulfa resistant; Xanthene requirement positive) C812 (Sulfa resistant; Xanthene requirement positive) C813 (Sulfa resistant; Xanthene requirement positive) C814 (Sulfa resistant; Xanthene requirement positive) C815 (Sulfa resistant; Xanthene requirement negative) C816 (Sulfa resistant; Xanthene requirement negative) C817 (Sulfa susceptible; Xanthene requirement positive) C818 (Sulfa susceptible; Xanthene requirement positive) C819 (Sulfa susceptible; Xanthene requirement positive) C820 (Sulfa susceptible; Xanthene requirement negative) C821 (Sulfa susceptible; Xanthene requirement negative) C822 (Sulfa susceptible; Xanthene requirement negative) C823 (Sulfa susceptible; Xanthene requirement negative) C824 (Sulfa susceptible; Xanthene requirement negative) C825 (Sulfa susceptible; Xanthene requirement negative) C826 (Sulfa susceptible; Xanthene requirement negative) C879 D189 D6C (M only) D6D (M only) D709 F37 J17D J17D/46/3 J17D/70/2 J67/0/4 S24/14/6 (Texas 1918) S24/12/5 S24 (Texas 1918) T19/52/0 (H.B.) T19/53/1 T19/39/1 T19/28/1 Type 19