The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

M Typing Reference Strains
Strain Directory: M type 1 to 67

Group A:

Type 25 Strains:

M25 Typing Reference Strain: B346/136/1
B220 (5797 op.; T of 8 and 25) B335 B346 B346 (op.) B346/94/1 (Group A Variant) B346/136/1 (Var.) B554 B605 (Dead 6/1982) B605A B963 (25 and 8 by SA) B965 (25 and 8 by SA) B970 (25 and 8 by SA) B973 (25 and 8 by SA) B978 (25 and 8 by SA) C754 (by SA) D316 D788 (?) D87/0/3 (Group A Variant and Group A) T25/41 (FP) T25/41/2 T25/34/7 T25/19/2 Type 25