The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

M Typing Reference Strains
Strain Directory: M type 1 to 67

Group A:

Type 26 Strains:

M26 Typing Reference Strain: J17F/123/3
11RS100 11RS50 12RS100 12RS50 (TH) 12RS50 (LN) 12RS50 (RN) 13RS50 (LN) 13RS50 (RN) 14RS15 14RS15/50/2 15RS15 (TH) 15RS15 (RN) 16RS15 (LN) 16RS15 (TH) 16RS15 (RN) 17RS15 (LN) 17RS15 (TH) 17RS15 (RN) 18RS15 (RN) 18RS15 (TH) 19RS15 (LN) 1RS99 1RSC108 (TH) 1RSC109 (TH) 1RSC129 (TH) 20RS15 (TH) 21RS15 (by SA) 22RS15 (by SA) 23/RS15 (LN; by SA) 23RS15/52/2 23RS15/25/1 24RS50/0/39 (by SA) 24RS50 (RN; by SA) 24RS50 (by SA) 24RS50 (TH; C489/21/3; by SA) 2RS100 (Dead 7/19/1979) 56HC 8RS100 A241 (crosses with Type 4 and 46) A440A A440D A440E A486 (Group A Var.) A486 (Var; no M) A486B (Group A; M+) A486C (Group A; M-) A531 B413 (Dead 1982) C118 C179 (17; no T) C179/50/1 (No T) C212 (Dead 5/25/83) C213 C295 C382 C392 (M and T) C395 (M and T) C508 (M and T) C560 (M and T) C561 (M and T; dead 4/1/1966) C562 (M and T) C563 (M and T) C663 (M and T) C667 (M and T) C779 C821 C832 C833 C834 C835 C836 C837 C838 F108D F109D F200B J17F J17F/0/3 J17F/22/2 J17F/58/4 J17F/70/2 J17F/99/2 J17F/123/3 T26/0/1 (Glossy) Type 26