The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

M Typing Reference Strains
Strain Directory: M type 1 to 67

Group A:

Type 3 Strains:

M3 Typing Reference Strain: B930/61/3
M3 "R" Typing Reference Strain: D58X
10RSC116 11RS40 13RS40 (LN) 13RS40 (RN) 14RP40 14RS40 15RS40 19RP110 19RP68 1GL105 (Dead 4/1/1966) 1GL19 1GL215 1GL223 1GL236 1GL245 1GL250 (Dead) 1GL254 1GL258 1GL27 (Dead) 1GL270 1GL272 1GL277 1GL288 1GL292 (Dead 4/13/1961) 1GL30 1GL31 1GL32 1GL369 1GL370 1GL84 1GL90 1RP111 1RP228 1RP99 1RS84 1RSC11 (LN) 1RSC11 (TH) 1RSC11(RN) 1RSC116 (TH) 1RSC117 (LN) 1RSC133 1RSC133 (T) 1RSC14 1RSC14 1RSC14. (L.Sinus) 1RSC167 (TH) 1RSC167 (RN) 1RSC167/16/1 ("R") 1RSC167 (LN) 1RSC24 (LN) 1RSC7 (TH) 1RSC7 (LN) 1RSC82 (TH; Crosses with T14) 1RSC82C (T) 1RSC92 1RSC95 (TH) 1RSC97 (RN) 1RSC97 (LN) 1RSC97 (TH) 26RP253 28RP68 2GL141 2GL173 2GL19 2GL215 2GL223 2GL236 2GL240 2GL245 2GL249 2GL254 (Dead 7/20/1979) 2GL256 2GL27 2GL288 2GL31 2Gl32 2GL325 (Dead) 2GL357 2GL369 2GL37 2GL6 2GL8 (Crosses with T19) 2GL84 2GL85 2RS84 2RSC11 2RSC14 2RSC7 (TH) 2RSC7 (LN) 2RSC7 (RN) 2RSC97 (LN; Dead 11/13/1961) 2RSC97 (TH) 3GL1 3GL125 3GL162 3GL19 3GL2 3GL215 3GL240 3GL245 3GL249 (Dead 11/14/1979) 3Gl250 3Gl254 (Dead) 3GL288 3GL31 3GL33 3GL46 3GL48 3GL6 3GL64 3GL8 3GL84 3GL85 3GL9 3RP36 3RS2 3RSC11 3RSC14 4GL111 4GL121 4GL17 4GL170 4GL18 4GL2 4GL20 4GL245 4GL270 4GL335 (Dead) 4GL357 (Dead 7/20/1979) 4Gl46 4Gl48 4GL52 4GL59 (Dead 7/20/1979) 4GL61 4GL66 4GL8 4GL84 4RS2 4RS39 4RSC14 4RSC82A (RN; Dead 4/1/1966) 4RSC82A (TH) 4RSC92 (TH) 5GL112 5GL17 5GL170 (Dead 7/20/1979) 5GL18 5GL20 5GL209 (Dead) 5GL253 5GL270 5GL335 5Gl46 5Gl47 5GL52 5Gl59 5Gl61 5GL8 5RSC14 5RSC97 (TH) 6GL141 6GL170 6GL20 6Gl37 6Gl46 (Dead 5/19/1952) 6GL59 6GL61 6RS39 7GL141 7GL15 7GL181 7GL20 (Dead 7/20/1979) 7GL253 7GL34 7GL59 7GL61 7GL98 7RP56 (Dead 7/16/1979) 7RS2 7RS39 8GL148 (Dead) 8GL15 (Dead) 8GL253 8GL34 (Dead 7/20/1979) 8GL53 8GL59 8RS2 8RS39 9GL15 9GL53 (Dead 7/20/1979) 9RP42 9RS2 A207 (by S.A.) A436 A441A A441B A441C A441D A510 A510S A511 A512 A513 A514 A538 (Crosses with T3; "R") A559 (Crosses with T3; "R") A594 A610 A750 A758 A830 (Gr. A Type 3 Crosses with Type 3 "R") A868 AW64(2) ("R") AW67 ("R") B213/0/2 (Dead 11/1/1982) B291 B455 (Lg.Col.Variant) B625 B903 B904 B930/61/3 B988/28/1 (H?; pptn.) C199 C199(1) (Matt; "R") C199(1) (Glossy; "R") C200 C201 C202 C203/21/4 (Dead 11/8/1982) C203/42/2 C203/29/4 C203 C203/10/6 C203S C217 C218 C219 C229 (Dead 11/8/1982) C29 ("R") C49 C492 C56 C567 C568 C569 C57 C59 (see RS40) C60 C62 C63 C659/17/1 ("R") C66 C67 C68 (Dead 4/1/1966) C69 C692 C695 C70 C84A C84B C998/14/3 (Matt) D121 D121/6/1 D121(20) D121(20) (No M) D139/0/2 D153A D153B D425 D58/36/6 D58/48/4 (Wilson; "R") D58X ("R") D58X/11/1 ("R") D904 D907 D909 D911 D912 D915 D916 D919 D920 D921 D922 D923 F208 ("R") F208/64/1 ("R") F303 (by DD Type 3) F304 (by DD Type 3) F305 (by DD Type 3) F306 (by DD Type 3) F307 (by DD Type 3) F309 (by pptn.) F323(1) F332 F370 F642 F711 F738 F748 F85/0/2 H101 ("R") H101/17/1 ("R") H89 K151B K151D M97/8/1 ("R") M97/0/3 ("R") T3/47/2 T3/41/2 T3/78/2 Type 3