The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

M Typing Reference Strains
Strain Directory: M type 1 to 67

Group A:

Type 30 Strains:

M30 Typing Reference Strain: D24/126/1
1GL (Jones) 1GL101 1GL102 1GL106 1GL11 1GL115 1GL120 1GL122 1GL123 1GL124 1GL13 1GL130 1GL133 (Dead 1/21/1960) 1GL138 1GL145 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL149 1GL153 1GL156 1GL157 1GL158 (Dead 11/1961) 1GL161 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL163 1GL170 1GL173 1GL180 (Dead 11/6/1961) 1GL181 1GL185 1GL186 1GL190 1GL192 1GL193 (Dead 1/5/1962) 1GL196 (Dead 1/5/1962) 1GL20 1GL206 1GL218 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL219 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL22 1GL221 1GL224 1GL229 1GL230 1GL231 1GL232 1GL237 1GL24 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL241 1GL249 1GL251 1GL252 1GL262 1GL267 1GL274 1GL279 1GL28 1GL280 1GL281 1GL284 1GL285 1GL29 1GL290 1GL303 1GL303 1GL305 1GL306 1GL309 1GL311 1GL317 1GL318 1GL322 1GL324 1GL331 1GL332 1GL341 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL345 1GL350 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL351 1GL353 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL354 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL357 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL360 1GL367 1GL372 1GL372 1GL376 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL41 1GL43 1GL44 1GL49 1GL58 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL61 1GL62 1GL68 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL69 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1GL70 1GL73 1GL77 1GL78 1GL86 1GL95 (Dead 12/14/1959) 1GL96 (Dead 12/14/1969) 1GL97 1Gl99 1RP20 (TH) 1RP31 (Dead 7/30/1965) 1RSC/44 (LN) 1RSC177 (TH) 1RSC20 (RN) 1RSC20 (TH) 1RSC22 (RN) 1RSC22 (TH) 1RSC26 1RSC60 (TH) 24RS15 (TH) 24RS15 (LN) 2GL106 2GL115 2GL120 (Dead 7/20/1979) 2GL123 (Dead 1/21/1960) 2GL124 2GL130 (Dead 1/21/1960) 2GL138 2GL153 2GL156 2GL158 2GL161 2GL165 2GL170 2GL185 (Dead 11/6/1961) 2GL186 2GL187 2GL192 (Dead 11/6/1961) 2GL196 2GL198 (Dead 7/20/1979) 2GL20 2GL218 (Dead 7/20/1979) 2GL219 2GL22 2GL229 2GL230 2GL231 2GL237 2GL241 2GL250 2GL251 2GL252 2GL267 (Dead 4/16/1962) 2GL279 2GL282 (Dead 5/15/1962) 2GL29 2GL290 2GL294 2GL298 2GL301 (Dead 6/11/1962) 2GL303 (Dead 6/11/1962) 2GL303 (Dead 6/11/1962) 2GL304 (Dead 6/11/1962) 2GL306 2GL324 (Dead 7/20/1979) 2GL331 2GL334 (Dead 6/11/1962) 2GL335 2GL345 (Dead 7/20/1979) 2GL43 2GL49 2GL55 2GL58 2GL61 2GL62 2GL68 2GL69 2GL70 2GL74 2GL77 2GL78 2GL86 2GL95 (Dead 12/14/1959) 2GL96 2GL97 2GL99 2RP31 2RP31 (RN) 2RP8 2RSC169 2RSC20 2RSC22 2RSC26 3GL106 3GL115 3GL120 3GL123 3GL124 3GL130 3GL15 (Dead 7/20/1979) 3GL161 3GL163 (Dead 4/1/1966) 3GL17 3GL170 3GL192 (Dead 7/20/1979) 3GL198 3GL20 3GL203 3GL205 3GL218 3GL219 3GL22 3GL230 3GL231 3GL235 3GL241 (Dead 3/5/1962) 3GL256 3GL279 3GL283 (Dead 5/15/1962) 3GL287 3GL290 3GL303 (Dead 6/11/1962) 3GL306 3GL324 (Dead 6/11/1962) 3GL331 3GL335 3GL345 (Dead 7/20/1979) 3GL36 3GL37 3GL45 3GL49 3GL55 3GL61 3GL70 3GL75 3GL77 3GL86 3GL92 3GL96 3RP31 (RN; Dead 7/16/1979) 3RSC20 3RSC22 3RSC25 3RSC26 4G125 4GL106 4GL123 4GL130 4GL161 4GL164 4GL192 4GL198 4GL219 (Dead 7/20/1979) 4GL22 (Dead 3/17/1966) 4GL231 4GL235 4GL240 (Dead 3/5/1962) 4GL250 4GL253 (Dead 7/20/1979) 4GL254 4GL279 4GL303 (Dead 7/20/1979) 4GL306 (Dead 6/11/1962) 4GL331 4GL345 (Dead 7/20/1979) 4GL37 4GL44 4GL45 4GL49 4GL75 4GL86 4GL96 4RP8 4RSC25 4RSC60 5GL120 5GL123 5GL130 5GL16 5GL164 5GL219 (Dead 7/20/1979) 5GL235 (Dead 3/5/1962) 5GL240 5GL250 (Dead 7/20/1979) 5GL265 5GL345 5GL37 5GL44 5GL66 5GL96 5RP8 (LN) 5RSC22 5RSC25 5RSC26 6GL130 6GL15 6GL16 (Dead 7/20/1979) 6GL164 6GL17 6GL181 6GL219 6GL23 6GL235 6GL250 (Dead 4/16/1962) 6GL253 (Dead) 6GL345 (Dead 7/20/1979) 6GL66 6GL96 6RP8 6RSC25 6RSC26 7GL130 (Dead 7/20/1979) 7GL219 7GL345 (Dead 7/20/1979) 7GL96 7RS20 7RS20/7/0 7RSC25 7RSC26 8RP8 8RSC26 9RS85 (?) A439A A439B A439C A439D B339 B440 B464/14/1 B464 B465/15/1 B465 C145/19 C145 C576 C577 C578 C599 (Dead 11/8/1982) C600 C601 C602 C603 C604 C605 D109 D11 D11/0/2 D11/16 D138A D24/42/3 D24/94/1 D24 D24/126/1 D41 (Dead 5/25/1983) D53A D53C (Dead 5/25/1983) D53D D53E D64A (Dead 5/25/1983)