The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

M Typing Reference Strains
Strain Directory: M type 1 to 67

Group A:

Type 4 Strains:

M4 Typing Reference Strain: T4/95/RB5
10RP251 21RP106 (Dead 7/16/1979) A354 (T of 4 and 24) A355 (T of 4 and 24) A634(2) A701 A701(1) (crosses with Type 37) A711 A748 A749 A837 A838 A845 A846 A847 A848 A849 A850 A915 A916 A918 A918(1) A919 A924 A990 A991 B214 (Dead-1982) B215 B236 (by SA) B238 (Type 22; see culture book 5/29/1951) B240 (by SA; dead 11/1/1982) B336 B423 (by SA) B423(1) (Foot) B453 B512 B545 (4-24 by SA) B571 B571(1) (Dead 11/8/1982) B775 B785 B787 B793 B798 B905 B906 B943 B962 B964 (by SA) B966 B967 B971 B974 B975 B977 C155 C155/61/1 (Dead 11/8/1982) C167 C168? C169 (Dead 11/8/1982) C239? C240 C248 C249 C385 (by SA; neg. by pptn and SA) C386 (by SA; neg. by pptn and SA) C391 (by SA; T only) C393 (?; by SA) C523/4 (by SA) C523 (by SA) C527/5 (by SA) C527 (by SA) C633 (T of 24) C748 C750 C839 C840 C843 D302 D309 D403 D491/80/1 D674 D682 D753 (by D.D.) D896 D906 D908 D913 D917 D918 F176 (by SA) F181 (by SA) F187 (by SA) F188 (by SA) F203E F694 T4/56/1 T4/95/RB5 T4/95/2 T4/70/1 Type 4