The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

M Typing Reference Strains
Strain Directory: M type 1 to 67

Group A:

Type 48 Strains:

M48 Typing Reference Strain: B403/48/3
71RS10/19/1 ("R") 71RS10 ("R") A209 ("R") A409 A615 A804 ("R") A820 ("R") A821 ("R") A822 A823 A831 ("R") A832 ("R") A833 ("R") A852 ("R") A853 ("R") A856 (?; "R"; crosses with T13) A857 ("R") A881 ("R") A882 ("R") A883 ("R") A900 ("R"; crosses with T13) A901 ("R"; crosses with T13) A902 ("R"; crosses with T13) A903 ("R"; crosses with T13) B275 ("R") B275/63/3 ("R") B306/21/1 B306 B403/102/1 (Group A Var.) B403 B403/48/1 B405 B472 (1; "R") B564 ("R"; dead 6/1982) B565 ("R") B567 ("R") B576 ("R") B584A ("R"; dead 11/8/1982) B584A/62/1 ("R"; dead 6/1982) B596 ("R"; dead 6/1982) B598 ("R") B601 ("R"; dead 11/1/1982) B602 ("R"; dead 11/8/1982) B603 ("R") B604 ("R") B611 ("R") B612 ("R") B613 ("R") B614 ("R") B617 ("R") B619 ("R") B620 ("R") B621 ("R"; dead 6/1982) B622 ("R") B626 ("R"; dead 6/1982) B667/7/2 ("R"; dead 1982) B712 ("R"; dead 6/1982) B713 (Dead 6/1982) B713 B714 ("R"; dead 1982) B715 ("R") B715/19/1 ("R") B740 B741 B758 ("R") B956 ("R") C18 ("R") C344 C510/71/5 ("R") C510/100b/3 (hemo; "R") C510/100b/3 (less hemo; "R") C510/26b/3 ("R") C510/51/4 ("R") C510/71/1 ("R") C510/100b/3 ("R") C510 ("R") C510/152b/3 ("R"; dead 11/8/1982) C968 ("R") C969 ("R") C970 ("R") C971 ("R") C972 ("R") D140A/15/2 ("R") D140A (r4 (1); "R") D140A ("R") D140A (Glossy; "R") D140A (Matt; "R") D140D ("R") D393 ("R") D493 D494 D495 D496 D497 D498 D499 F645 (No "R")