M Typing Reference Strains
Strain Directory: M type 1 to 67

Group A:

Type 6 Strains:

M6 Typing Reference Strain: S43/192/1
10RP124 10RP44 10RS28 11RP38 (Dead 7/16/1979) 12RS28 14HOB 14RS28 (Dead 11/1/1965) 15RS28 17RP44 19RP131 19RS28 1RP112 1RP124 (Dead 7/30/1979) 1RP178 1RP34 1RP96 1RS76 (RN) 1RSC128 (TH(2)) 1RSC128 (TH(1)) 1RSC128 (RN) 1RSC163 (TH; Dead 7/19/1979) 1RSC76 (TH; Crossreacts with T19) 1RSC81 (RN) 1RSC81 (LN) 1RSC81 (TH; dead 7/19/1979) 1RSC86 (RN) 1RSC87 (RN) 1RSC87 (TH) 1RSC87 (LN) 1RSC9 (LN; dead 3/17/1966) 1RSC90 (TH) 20RP58 21RP222 26RP38 27RP38 28RS40 (1942) 2RSC128 (RN) 2RSC77 2RSC77 (TH) 2RSC94 (TH; Gives a ++ with Gr.A and Gr.Var.) 30RS40 31RS40 32RS40 34RS3T (LN) 34RS40 35RS37 (1942) 35RS40 36RS40 37RS37 37RS40 38RS37 39RS37 3RP141? 40RS37 4RS103 (TH) 4RS103 (RN) 4RSC39 70HC 7RP19 8RS103 9RP124 9RS103 9RSC86 A252 (Dr.Friemer S43FL) A253 (Dr.Friemer S43FL) A433 A492 A496 A497 A500 A515 A5155 A516 A517 A518 A519 A539 (Nephritis Strain) A548 A549 A590 (Matt; 1962) A591 (Glossy) A621(1) A641 (Father of Nephritis Pt.) A694 A741 A742 A824 A840 A904 A925 B210 (Tanck) B444 B454 (Dead 6/1982) B480 (Dead 11/8/1982) B533 (Dead 11/1/1982) B553/10/2 C209 (Last tube dead 5/13/1980) C349 C634 C889 D471/HR1 (Rotated in human blood) D471 ((1); Streptomycin resistance) D471 (1971) D471/T57/Pbr2 D633 (pptn.) D894 (1975) F113 F333 F339 (1) F342 F363 F364 F365 F377 F382 (1980) H93A4 HS-4 S43 (Glossy) S43/192/1 S43/155/1 S43/75/8 S43/100/1 S43/137/3 S43FL/79/1 S43FL S43FL S43FP S43G S43MA S43MA S43MA (har. br. ?) S43MV Type 6