The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

M Typing Reference Strains
Strain Directory: M type 1 to 67

Group A:

Type 9 Strains:

M9 Typing Reference Strains: T9/120/1; B634/86/3
1RP278 22RS38 (LN?) 22RS38 (RN?) 22RS38 (?) 26RS10 (?) 2RP280 3RP255 A552 A724 A825 A947 (1) A948 B634/86/2 B634 B634/131/1 B913 B917 B918 B919 B944 B945 B946 B947 B948 B949 B950 B951 D337 D339 D340 D341 D342 D343 D344 D345 D346 D347 D348 D349 D353 D354 D355 D822 D858 D863 D867 D987 (by DD) D995 (by DD) F690 F735 K96/0/3 (Crosses with T25) T9/101/4 T9/120/1 T9/63/4 Type 9