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Phage Lytic Enzymes Currently Developed in the Fischetti Lab

Lysin Bacteria digested by lysin Publications
PlyC S. pyogenes
S. uberis
S. equi
PlyGBS Group B streptococci (all serotypes)
S. pyogenes
Group D streptococci
Group L streptococci
S. salivarius
Cpl-1, PAL S. pneumoniae (all capsular types) [6-14]
PlyV12 E. faecalis (VRE)
E. faecium
S. pyogenes
Groups B, C, E, F, L, N streptococci
S. uberis
S. gordinii
S. intermedius
S. parasanguis
S. aureus
ClyS S. aureus (MRSA, VISA) & (all other staphylococci)
PlyB B. anthracis B. cereus B. thuringiensis B. megaterium
PlyG B. anthracis [16]
PlyPH B. anthracis (broad pH range of activity) [17]

Publication List

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