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Relevant Articles

Cotton RGH, Appelbe W, Auerbach AD, Becker K, Bodmer W, Boone DJ, Boulyjenkov V, et al. Recommendations of the 2006 Human Variome Project Meeting. Nat Genet. 39: 433-436, 2007

Cotton RGH, Auerbach AD, Brown AF, Carrera P, Christodoulou J, Claustres M, Compton J, Cox DW, De Baere E, den Dunnen JT, Greenblatt M, Fujiwara M, Hilbert P, Jani A, Lehvaslaiho H, Nebert D, Verma I, Vihinen M, Members of the Human Genome Variation Society and the Human Variome Project Diagnostic Laboratory Working Group. A structured simple form for ordering genetic tests is needed to ensure coupling of clinical detail (phenotype) with DNA variants (genotype) to ensure utility in publication and databases. Hum Mutat 28: 931-932, 2007.

Cotton, RGH, Auerbach AD, Beckmann JS, Blumenfeld OO, Brookes AJ, Brown AF, Carrera, P, D. Cox DW, Gottlieb B, Greenblatt MS, Hilbert P, Lehvaslaiho H, Liang P, Marsh S, Nebert DW, Povey S, Rossetti S, Scriver CR, Summar M, Tolan DR, Verma IC, Vihinen M, den Dunnen JT. Recommendations for locus-specific databases and their Curation. Hum. Mutat 29:2-5, 2008.