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Your Sponsored Programs Officer

OSPA's Sponsored Programs Officers (SPOs) support you with grant administration matters such as budget development, sponsors' requirements, compliance issues, government and institutional regulations, electronic submission, reporting, contracts and agreements, and more. Assigned 15-20 laboratories each, the SPOs work closely with the investigators and their laboratory/research administrators throughout the life of the grant/contract cycles. Contact your SPO for assistance, questions and concerns.


Lab SPO Email Phone
Allis Maura Gilmartin    Maura.Gilmartin 8053
Alushin Betty Chan Betty.Chan 7790
Ausubel** Collette Ryder Collette.Ryder 8054
Bargmann** Collette Ryder Collette.Ryder 8054
Bieniasz* Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
Birsoy Betty Chan Betty.Chan 7790
Brady** Kate Ross  Kate.Ross 7793
Breslow Betty Chan Betty.Chan  7790
Brivanlou Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
Cao Kate Ross/PD Kate.Ross 7793
Casanova* Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
Chait Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
Chen* Betty Chan Betty.Chan 7790
Chua Ava Griffith Ava.Griffith 8175
Cohen, J. Betty Chan Betty.Chan 7790
Cohen, P. Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
Coller Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng  7924
Cross, F. Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
Cross, G. Betty Chan Betty.Chan 7790
Darnell, J. Betty Chan Betty.Chan 7790
Darnell, R.* Betty Chan Betty.Chan 7790
Darst Maura Gilmartin Maura.Gilmartin 8053
de Lange Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
Dean's Office Kate Ross/PD Kate.Ross 7793
Fischetti Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
Freiwald Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
Friedman* Ava Griffith Ava.Griffith 8175
Fuchs*/** Collette Ryder Collette.Ryder 8054
Funabiki** Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
Gilbert Maura Gilmartin Maura.Gilmartin 8053
Gotschlich Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
Goulianos Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
Greengard Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
Hang Maura Gilmartin Maura.Gilmartin 8053
Hatten Maura Gilmartin Maura.Gilmartin 8053
Heintz* Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
Hudspeth* Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
Jarvis*/** Betty Chan Betty.Chan 7790
Kapoor Ava Griffith Ava.Griffith 8175
Klinge Betty Chan Betty.Chan 7790
Knight Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
Kreek Maura Gilmartin Maura.Gilmartin 8053
Kronauer Betty Chan Betty.Chan 7790
Krueger Ava Griffith Ava.Griffith 8175
Leibler Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
Leibowitz Betty Chan Betty.Chan 7790
Libchaber Ava Griffith Ava.Griffith 8175
Lifton Kate Ross/PD Kate.Ross 7793
Liu Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
MacKinnon* Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
Magnasco Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
Marraffini* Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
Mauzerall Betty Chan Betty.Chan 7790
McEwen Betty Chan Betty.Chan 7790
Mucida Maura Gilmartin Maura.Gilmartin 8053
Nottebohm Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
Nurse** Collette Ryder Collette.Ryder 8054
Nussenzweig* Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
O'Donnell* Maura Gilmartin Maura.Gilmartin 8053
Ott Maura Gilmartin Maura.Gilmartin 8053
Pfaff Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
Rajasethupathy Betty Chan Betty.Chan 7790
Ravetch Betty Chan Betty.Chan 7790
Reeke Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
Resource Centers Kate Ross/PD Kate.Ross 7793
Rice Maura Gilmartin Maura.Gilmartin 8053
Risca Kate Ross/PD Kate.Ross 7793
Rock Maura Gilmartin Maura.Gilmartin 8053 
Roeder Ava Griffith Ava.Griffith 8175
Rout Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
Ruta Ava Griffith Ava.Griffith 8175
Sakmar Maura Gilmartin Maura.Gilmartin 8053
Schlesinger Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
Shaham Ava Griffith Ava.Griffith 8175
Shyer Kate Ross/PD Kate.Ross 7793
Siggia Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
Simon** Collette Ryder Collette.Ryder 8054
Smogorzewska Mukul Mathur Mukul.Mathur 7428
Steller** Ava Griffith Ava.Griffith 8175
Strickland Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
Tarakhovsky** Collette Ryder Collette.Ryder 8054
Tavazoie Betty Chan Betty.Chan 7790
Tomasz** Collette Ryder Collette.Ryder 8054
Tuschl Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
Vaziri Ava Griffith Ava.Griffith 8175
Victora** Maura Gilmartin Maura.Gilmartin 8053
Vinogradova Kate Ross/PD Kate.Ross 7793
Vosshall* Maura Gilmartin Maura.Gilmartin 8053
Walz** Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
Young Maura Gilmartin Maura.Gilmartin 8053
Zhao Joyce Ng Joyce.Ng 7924
Institutional Projects Kate Ross/PD Kate.Ross 7793

* Denotes HHMI.

** Denotes temporary SPO change.

For Administrative Post-Award (across all laboratories) contact

If Laboratory/Center is not on this list, please contact OSPA at ext. 7791.

 For Financial Post-Award support, contact Finance - Post Award.

*HHMI Investigator


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