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Budget Templates and Tools
Under new institutional policy, your Sponsored Programs Officer will be entering your proposal budget in the RAS-Grants system. We have developed some tools to assist you with this. We are happy to sit with you if needed to develop your budget in real time. Once a budget is entered in RAS-Grants, your SPO will provide you with a copy to mark up for further changes.
Before you start to work on your budget request, carefully read the program announcement for budget details, any limits on the types of expenses allowed, any spending caps on certain expenses, the specific support mechanism, available funds, and more. Identify all the costs that are necessary and reasonable to complete the work described in your application, not more and not less. More >>
The OSPA budget template (Word) can be filled in and sent to your SPO for entry. Alternatively, you can provide your Budget Justification as a starting point. 
The OSPA budget worksheet (Excel) may be used for preparing your funding requests.  It will calculate the entire budget for a project period up to five years. While this tool is driven by the NIH and federal requirements, many are similarly required by other sponsors as well. Enter preliminary estimate of your project's budgetary needs for the first year (initial funding period), including costs for University Resource Centers.
During the application review, your Sponsored Programs Officer will verify that University and sponsor budgetary requirements are fully met.

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