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Funding Opportunities

Our in-house developed funding database is driven by the Rockefeller University´┐Żs mission and research needs, and provides a seamless, one-stop-shop for funding opportunities. Designed to offer an easy and user-friendly access to research funding, the database integrates OSPA information with announcements distributed by the Dean's Office, Development Office, Research Support, and Technology Transfer (overview presentation).

The database features search capabilities by eligibility, research area, date, sponsor and award type, and more. Main components of the database include the search engine, a calendar-database interface, and archived results. Direct searches of the web-based database would yield more customized results. In addition, weekly announcements generated by the database are emailed to the Rockefeller research community and provide a quick synopsis of the latest funding opportunities.

For opportunities not listed in our database, visit Community of Science (COS) Pivot and other Grant Seeking Resources on our site. If you come across opportunities that we overlooked, please forward to us so we may add them to the funding database. OSPA will continue to work with you and IT on optimizing and refining the format and content of this tool in order to support your work.

NIH Parent Announcements PA-20-185 (R01), PA-20-200 (R03), PA-20-195 (R21)
DOD FY23-FY27 Broad Agency Announcement for Extramural Medical Research
NIH success rates by grant mechanism and Institute/Center
NIH Center for Scientific Review study section information

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