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Limited Submissions

The University's Limited Submission program consists of funding opportunities where the number of submissions per institution is limited, and/or sponsors require universities to nominate outstanding candidates. Due to the limited number of submissions allowed per institution, an internal nomination process is required to select the most outstanding applications.

Nominations are solicited internally by announcing upcoming programs and eligibility requirements. These solicitations come from either OSPA or the  Development Office.

For solicitations from OSPA, the required nomination material would include a letter of nomination from the respective Head of Laboratory, nominee's curriculum vitae, and a 4 page description of the proposed science. Heads of Laboratory may nominate themselves by submitting the same material. OSPA forwards all nominations to the University Nominating Committee for review. The Committee is comprised of junior and senior faculty who are responsible for the final selection of candidates. OSPA will contact and work with each selected candidate on finalizing their application. (Contact the Development Office for instructions on their internal nomination programs and procedures.)

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