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Subaward Documents for New Applications:
RU is the Prime

When the Rockefeller University is the Prime Institution

When an investigator from another institution is collaborating on an application to be submitted from Rockefeller, that institution, as the anticipated subawardee to RU, must submit to OSPA the documentation below.

OSPA Deadline
To allow adequate time to carefully verify compliance with all guidelines, to resolve technical difficulties, and to minimize slow system response that often occurs just before deadlines (The Dangers in Delay), all subaward documents must be submitted to OSPA at least 15 business days before the Sponsor's deadline. The NIH strongly encourages applicants to submit well before the submission deadline and other sponsors advise the same.
Checklist to Determine Subrecipient or Contractor ClassificationTo be completed by RU investigator.
Subrecipient Commitment Form
A brief (up to one page) Statement of Work (SOW) describing the collaborator’s proposed research to be performed elsewhere.
Budget If NIH is the sponsor, each sub institution must provide an electronic R&R Budget Form for each year of the project, as downloaded from the relevant Funding Opportunity Announcement. See  SF424 Application Guide (e-Submissions) for further instructions.  If NIH is not the sponsor, the sub institution can use the NIH budget pages or some other budget form.
A budget justification of all items
Biosketches for all key personnel and other significant contributors on the collaborator’s subproject (See SF424 Application  Guide).
A description of the research resources available to the collaborator at her/his home institution.

Additional materials to be submitted to RU PI, if necessary
A letter of collaboration from the subgrantee investigator.
Latest compliance information for human and animal subjects and/or lab safety as needed.
Vertebrate Animal Section and/or Human Subjects Section

Authentication of Key Biological and/or Chemical Resources
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