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Grant Writing Tools & Resources


Boilerplates & Useful Links (sample text and helpful links for standard proposal sections)
Budget Worksheet
Research Trends
NIH Restructured Application How-To: Resources and Tips
R01 Checklist 
Career Award Checklist
Fellowship Checklist
Team Science
Training Videos and Webinars 
xTrain (eRA Commons): New NIH Tools for Training Grants
Subscribing to Sponsor Newsletters 

General Grant Information
Types of Grant Mechanisms
All About Grants Podcasts
Center for Scientific Review (CSR) Webinars (including R01, Fellowships) 
8 Ways to Successfully Navigate NIH Peer Review and Get an R01 Grant

Comparison FOAs -Program Announcement (PA) versus Request For Applications (RFA)
Nexus NIH Extramural Research monthly publication
Interactive Timeline of Changes in Grants Administration
NIH Policy: Rigor and Transparency
The NCI Grants Process
NIAID Types of Funding Opportunities
NIAID Funding News   
NIDDK Grants, the Basics: Application, Review and Award 
NINDS Common Mistakes in NIH Applications
New Investigators Program
Comparison of Pioneer, Innovator, Transformative/T-R01 & Early Independence programs
NIGMS Grant Application Review & Funding Policies
NIGMS Feedback Loop Blog 
NIH/NCI Team Science Toolkit 
Submitting Multi-Project Applications to the NIH
Multi-project application e-submission (ASSIST effective 09/25/13) - 8-13-13 webinar
How to Use REPORTER When Preparing New Grant Applications
NIAID Subawards Refresher

Application Guidance
NIH Restructured Applications (eff. 01/25/2010)
Structuring the Research Strategy Section of Your Application
Cover Letters Help Us Refer and Review Your Application
NIH Policy on Appendix Materials
OLAW Vertebrate Animal Section Factsheet 
Vertebrate Animal Section Worksheet for NIH Submissions
NIH Research Integrity
NCI Preparing Grant Application
NIAID Sample Applications (R01, R21, R21/R33 and F31-Diversity samples)
NIAID Find a Funding Opportunity

NIAID Multiproject Research (P, U) Applications
NIAID Comparing R01, R21 and R03 Research Project Grants 
NIAID Renewal Applications 
NINDS How to Write a Research Project Grant Application
Peer Review
Center for Scientific Review (CSR)
CSR Peer Review Notes 
CSR Insiders Guide to Peer Review for Applicants
NIH Comparison of Existing and New Peer Review Processes 
NIH Guidelines for Reviewers
NIH Reviewer Guidance on Rigor and Transparency: Research Project Grant and Mentored Career Development Applications 
NIH Scoring System and Procedure
Regular Standing Study Sections and Continuing SEPs
NIH Members on Study Sections, Councils and Boards: Reviewers eligible for continuous submission (updated 1/14/21)
New Videos on NIH Peer Review
Enhancing Peer Review at NIH 
NIGMS Identifying the Study Section for Your Application
'Overall Impact' is distinct from 'Significance' Review Criterion
2011 Enhancing Peer Review Survey Report
2013 Enhancing Peer Review Survey Report
Paylines, Percentiles and Success Rates
Enhancing Peer Review: New NIH Policy on Post-Submission Application Materials
Post-Submission Materials Policy FAQs     
Advance Notice on Post-Submission Application Materials for NIH Training Applications
NIAID Timelines for Assignment, Review & Funding 
NIH Resubmissions - Policy & FAQs


NSF Proposal & Award Policy Newsletter 
A Guide for Proposal Writing
Honing Your Proposal Writing Skills by George Hazelrigg, National Science Foundation
Proposal Review Panels
Revision of the NSF General Grant Condition (GC-1) (eff. 01/04/2010)  
NSF Broader Impacts Criteria
NSF Data Management Plan Requirements 
Announcement of Intent to use of Asynchronous Review Mechanism for Proposals submitted to the Physics Division
Fall 2015 NSF Grants Conference 
Prospective New Awardee Guide 

Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP)  
CDMRP: Overview & Applying for Grants
Webinar Series - CDMRP funding opportunities  

Foundation Center - Guide to Proposal Writing (audiobook)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
AAAS Science Careers Grants and Grant Writing
"Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management"
National Postdoctoral Association
ResearcherID A Global Community Where Researchers Connect
SciVal A solution for Establishing, Evaluating and Executing Research Strategies
AuthorMapper A tool for literature discovery and building collaborations
Principal Investigators Association (PIA)
National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP) 
NORDP Comprehensive List of Collaborative Funding Mechanisms 
The Writing Center at UNC  
"Increasing Opportunity through Interdisciplinary Research" 
European Science Foundation  
Examining Core Elements of International Research Collaboration A Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable (GUIRR) workshop 
New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC)
Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)
Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research and Education: A Practical Guide 
Basecamp (management tool for large collaborations)
Art of Grantsmanship (HFSP)
Averting the Big Bang - National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) article on large grant proposal development
SciENcv Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae, Federal-wide researcher profile project
ORCID A registry of unique researcher identifiers
Center for Open Science Open Science Framework to archive, share, register, and manage the research lifecycle
Convergence: Facilitating Transdisciplinary Integration of Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering and Beyond (2014) - National Academies report

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