The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

Group Reference Strains

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H Group L Group M Group N Group O No Group

Group C Strains:

10RS71 (TH) 10RS71 (LN) 11RS71 (LN) 11RS71 (TH) 12RS71 (Last tube dead 3/17/1966) 13RS70 (LN) 13RS70 (TH) 13RS71 (RN; Last tube dead 4/1/1966) 13RS71 (LN) 14RP268 14RP54 14RP94 14RS71 16RS70 16RS72 17RS55 18RS55 18RS72 19RS72 1GL199 (Dead 7/20/1979) 1RSC127 1RSC136 (LN) 1RSC154 (Large col.) 1RSC73 (TH) 1RSC77 (RN; 2; Dead 7/19/1979) 20RS55 20RS72 22RS55 24rP94 25RS20 26RP238 28RP95 29RP191 2RP119 2RP14 30RP94 (Last tube dead 1/18/1980) 34RS12 37RP244A 3RS70 3RSC194 (RN) 48RP76 4RP26/12/1 4RS70 4RS78 (C; LN) 4RS81 (LN) 4RS81 (RN) 4RS81 (TH) 5RP269 (Last tube dead 9/19/1979) 5RSC73 64RP181 6RS25 7RS70 8RP192 8RS25 8RS70 9RP115 9RS70 A135/0/16 A148 A311 A344 A345 A346 A352 A353 A387 A40/0/6 A452 (Crosses with Gr.A Var.) A465 A466 (Dead 11/1/1982) A470 (Crosses with Gr.A Var.) A472 (Crosses with Gr.A Var.; Dead 4/8/1983) A479 A545 A693 (Crosses with A. Var.) A716 A717 A718 A862 A864 A899 A906 (Horse) A907 (Horse) A908 (Horse) A980 A987 AW17B (1) B1/0/11 B108 B211 (Dead 11/1/1982) B212 (Dead 4/1/1966) B271 B337 (Crosses with 28) B342 (F132 has 28R) B383 B469A B469B B526 B552 B573 B636 (Crosses + with Gr.A Var. Also ++ with B514) B729 B731 B882 B883 B884 B885 B886 B902 C103 C127 (Last tube dead 7/30/1965) C139A C139B C140 C197 C211 C519 C73 C74 C751 C80 (Crosses with T24) C846 C847 C85 C87 C88 D156 D181 D187A D330 (Non-mucoid; Group C) D330 (Mucoid; Group C) D350A D350B D351A D351B D352 (Gr.C Variant) D384 D385 D386 D388 D391 D391-C137/1/69 D392 D392-A68/35 D401 D639 D646 D647 D64A D686 D687 D690 D700 D703 D888 D889 F362 F473 F474 F649 F658 F679 F681 F724 F743 F744 F746 F754 H106C H122/0/4 H15/0/16 H15L/0/4 H177D H46A H69C2 H77 J132D J148/0/4 J148D J20/GR2A/4 J20 J29 J84/0/2 K132 K150B (Last tube dead 6/24/1980) K150E K150G K150K K155A K155C K155D K155F K155G K155H K158D K158E K158F K159 (Mucoid) K159 K171A K171B K171C (Last tube dead 7/2/1980) K171D K64/0/12 S23/GP13/4 (?) T88