The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

Group Reference Strains

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H Group L Group M Group N Group O No Group

Group G Strains:

10RP294 (Type I) 10RP62 10RS16 11GL45 (Dead 7/20/1979) 11RP225 (Not Type I) 123RP175 (Not Type I) 129RP300 (Not Type I) 12GL45 12RP62 12RP70 (Last tube dead 11/29/1979) 12RS16 14RP294 (Type I) 15RP124 (Not Type I) 16RP225 18RS16 19RP70 (Last tube dead 12/5/1979) 19RP72 19RS62 19RS62 (RN) 1GL313 (Minute; Dead 10/29/1979) 1RP194 (Type I Non-hemo; Minute) 1RP225 (Type I) 1RP299B (Gr.G Type I) 1RSC125 1RSC161 1RSC35 (TH) 20RP225 (Type I) 20RS16 21RP102 21RP268 (Not Type I) 21RP279 (Type I) 24RP225 (Type I0 26RP280 27RP296 2RP268B (Not Type I) 2RP299B (Gr.G Type I) 30RP225 (Group G Type I) 31RP225 (Group G Type I) 33RP208 (Not Type I) 33RP225 (Gr.G Type I crosses with Gr.H) 34RP225 (Gr.G Type I) 35RP225 (Type I) 3RP225 (Type I; Last tube dead 8/23/1979) 3RP299 (Gr.G Type I) 42RP95 47RP225 (Gr.G Type I) 49RP101 4RS72 50RP118 (Not Type I) 51RP118 (Not Type I) 54RP225 (Type I crosses H with Gr.A Var.) 56RP101 65RP187 (Not Type I or II) 6GL52 (Dead 7/20/1979) 6RS72 7GL45 (Dead 7/20/1979) 7RP225 (Type I) 87RP120 (Not Type I) 8RP125 (Type I) 8RP294 (Not Type I) 9GL253 (Dead 4/16/1962) A270 (Not Type I) A358 (Not Type I) A359 (Not Type I) A360 (Not Type I) A361 (Not Type I) A362 (Not Type I) A363 (Not Type I) A364 (Type I) A365 (Not Type I) A366 (Not Type I) A367 (Not Type I) A375 (Not Type I) A390 (Not Type I) A416 (Crosses with 28"R") A417 (Crosses with 28"R") A418 (Crosses with 28"R") A419 (Crosses with 28"R") A420 (Crosses with 28"R") A421 (Crosses with 28"R") A422 (Crosses with 28"R") A423 (Crosses with 28"R") A424 (Crosses with 28"R") A431 (No Type I blood cultures) A551 (Not Type I) A571 (Not Type I) A622 (Not Type I) A654 (Not Type I) A726 A737 (Not Type I) A816 (Not Type I) A912 (2; Type I) A914 (Gr.G Type I) A914 (1; Type I) A950 (No Type) A993 (Not Type I) B234 B235 B280 (Minute) B283 B341 (Dog; 1+13A) B375 (Dead 6/1982) B412 B415 (20RS16) B416 (4RS72; Dead 6/1982) B426 B436 (1; Minute) B440 (2) B441 (1; Dead 11/8/1982) B489 B520 (Not Type I) B523 (1; Dead 11/1/1982) B530 (Dead 6/1982) B531 B548 B549 (Sm.colony) B549 (Lg.colony) B568 B645 (Not Type I) B669 (Not Type I; Dead 11/8/1982) B710 (Type I crosses with Gr.A Variant) B710 (2; Type I crosses + with Gr.A Variant; Dead 1982) B710 (3; Type I crosses + with Gr.A Variant; Dead 6/1982) B710 (4; Type I crosses + with Gr.A Variant) B710 (1; Type I crosses + with Gr.A Variant) B716 (Type I) B753 (Not Type I) B754 (Not Type I) B760 (Not Type I) B763A (Crosses + with Gr.C) B763B (Crosses + with Gr.C) C309A C309B C45 C519 C743A C743B D166B (Not Type I) D166D (Not Type I) D681 D689 D702 D705 D706 D717 (Not Type I) D730 D758 D759 (Not Type I) D760 (Not Type I) D761 (Not Type I) D762 (Not Type I) D763 (Not Type I) D764 (Not Type I) D765 (Not Type I) D766 (Not Type I) D767 (Not Type I) D768 (Not Type I) D769 (Not Type I) D845 D851 D862 D884 D885 D886 D887 D890 D891 D892 D953 D954 D955 D956 D957 D959 (Not Type I) F182 F343 (Not Type I) F371 (Not Type I) F405 F656 F672 F68A (Type I) F742 (Not Type I) F751 (Not Type I) F758 F760 F761 F762 F763 Monkey 37 RP47G2 (TH; Last tube dead 7/30/1965)