The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

Group Reference Strains

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H Group L Group M Group N Group O No Group

Group D Strains:

1RP139 (RN; Dead 7/17/1979) 1RP139 (1; Urine) 5RP154 A220 A222 A223 A224 A225 A226 A299 A300 A301 A302 A303 A304 A308 A321 A432 A480 (Bovis) A481 (Bovis) A482 (Bovis) A483 (New Type) A484 A485 A508 A509 A574 A623 A624 A625 A626 A627 A628 A759 (Pig) A760 (Pig) A761 (Pig) A762 (Pig) A763 (Pig) A764 (Pig) A765 (Pig) A766 (Pig) A767 (Pig) A767 (Pig) A767 (Pig) A768 (Pig) A769 (Pig) A770 (Pig) A772 (Pig) A773 (Pig) A774 (Pig) A775 (Pig) A776 (Pig) A777 (Pig) A778 (Pig) A779 (Pig) A780 (Pig) A781 (Pig) A782 (Pig) A783 (Pig) A784 (Pig) A785 (Pig) A786 (Pig) A787 (Pig) A788 (Pig) A789 (Pig) A790 (Pig) A791 (Pig) A792 (Pig) A793 (Pig) A794 (Pig) A795 (Pig) A796 (Pig) A797 (Pig) A798 (Pig) A799 (Pig) A800 (Pig) A801 (Pig) A802 (Pig) A803 A932 B221 B272 B273 B277 B322 B332 B333 (?) B338 B369 B382 B442 B443 B471 B482 B483 (Dead 11/8/1982) B485 (Non-hemo) B485 (Non-hemo; Dead 6/1982) B519 B532 B582 (Dead 11/1/1982) B623 B633 B638 (Dead 6/1982) B646 (1) B646 B650 B651 B652 B653 B654 B658 B659 B660 B661 B662 (Blue) B662 (Op.; Dead 6/1982) B663 B664 B665 B666 B666 (Blue) B668 B670 (Not C1 or C3) B672 (Not C1 or C3) B674 (Dead 1982) B675 B677 B678 (Dead 1982) B679 B680 (Dead 11/1/1982) B681 B682 B693 (Dead 11/1/1982) B694 B695 B696 B698 B699 B700 B701 (Dead 1982) B702 B703 B704 B705 (Dead 1982) B706 B707 B708 B709 B718 B719 (Hemo; Dead 6/1928) B720 B721 B722 B723 B724 B725 B736 B954 (Motile Strep; ++ reaction with B653 typing sera) C1 C1 (FL) C2 C247 C3 (Variant) C3 (1) C4 C436 C5 C7 C745 C82 D173 D173A D175 D178A D178B D69D10 D751 (Type D76) D76 (FL) D76 D930 F361 (PNT) F90C H48D H69B11 H69B16 H69B17 H69C4 H69D2 H69D3 H69D5 H69D5 (FL) H69D6 H69D8 H69D9 K234/0/7