The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

Group Reference Strains

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H Group L Group M Group N Group O No Group

Group A Variant Strains:

1RP274/19/1 (No Type) 10RS2/14 10RS2/59 10RS2/100 21RS10 A305 (Type14) A325 (Type 50) A327 (Type 50) A328 (Type 50) A331 (Type 50) A332 (Type 50) A336 (Type 50) A337 A338 A342 (Type 50) A343 (Type 50) A351 A372 A390 A391 (Type 50) A392 (Type 50) A393 (Type 50) A394 (Type 50) A395 (Type 50) A396 (Type 50) A397 (Type 50) A305/Hu1 (Type 14) A402 (Type 14) A428 (Type 14) A442 (Type 50) A443 (Type 50) A452 (Crosses with "28R" + Gr.C) A470 (Crosses with Gr.C) A472 (Crosses with Gr.C) A486 A547/33/1 (No Type) A586/76/1 (Type 28; No "R") A649 (No Type) A650 (No Type) A713 (No Type) A714 (No Type) A715 (No Type) A870 (Type 27) A922/59/1 A958 (No Type) B346/136/1 B403/102/1 (Type 48) B421/59/0 (No Type; Dead 6/1982) B421/14 B421/100/0 (No Type) B422/10 B452 (No Type) B455 (Sm.col.; No Type) B455 (Lg.col.; Type 3) B571 B940 (Type 12) B941 (Type 12) C121/39/5 (Intermediate) C132/8/1 C132/38/1 (Type 2) C265/112/1 (Type 8) C510/71 C649A/120 D315/87/2 D336/56/2 D458/68/1 D675 D676 D698 (No Type) D699 (Type 31) D960 (typed by DD) F156/28/A (Type 50) F156/83A (Type 50) F406 (Crosses slightly with E) F559 (No Type; cow) K43 (Type 1) T11/137/1 T27A/32/12 (Type 27)