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Community Engagement

Community Engagement Core Leadership

Rhonda G. Kost, M.D.: Co-Director for Community Engagement
Jonathan N. Tobin, Ph.D.: Co-Director for Community Engagement
Kimberly S. Vasquez, M.P.H.: Community Engagement Specialist

Action Committee for Community Engagement in Research (ACCER)

Barry Coller, M.D. (Principal Investigator, CCTS)
Teresa Evering, M.D. (Community Engagement Scientific Liaison)
Peter Holt, M.D. (Faculty Member, ACCER Co-Chair)
Rhonda G. Kost, M.D. (ACCER Co-Chair)
Kimberly S. Vasquez, M.P.H. (Community Engagement Specialist)
Jeanne Garbarino, Ph.D. (Science Outreach)
Jonathan N. Tobin, Ph.D. (President/CEO, Clinical Directors Network; Co-Director, Community Engagement Core, Rockefeller CCTS)
Maija Williams, M.P.H. (Administrative Director, CCTS)

For Our CommunitiesCommunity Partners and ScientistsCE Core LeadershipCommunity Engagement Core LeadershipRhonda G. Kost, M.D.: Co-Director for Community EngagementJonathan N. Tobin,