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Portico photo The faculty of the CCTS includes 4 Nobel laureates, 4 Lasker Award winners, 23 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 16 members of the Institute of Medicine, 8 members of the Association of American Physicians, 9 Gairdner Foundation International Awardees, and 10 members of the American Society for Clinical Investigation. 14 investigators have been or currently are supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and 76 currently hold 122 NIH grant awards totaling more than $60 million in support. The faculty members of in the CCTS hold a total of 180 U.S. patents on inventions related to clinical and translational science and 164 of their technologies have been licensed to companies for further development to improve human health. The faculty's research interests span a very wide spectrum of disciplines, including addictive diseases, biostatistics, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, hematology, hepatology, human genetics, immunology, infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, nephrology, neurobiology, neurology, oncology, psychiatry, sensory perception, and virology. They also span a wide range of expertise along the translational research spectrum, with some faculty members focusing on basic physiologic and pathologic mechanisms at the cellular, molecular, and atomic level, and others primarily engaged in rigorous observational and mechanistic studies involving human subjects.

Core Faculty Participants in the Rockefeller University

Center for Clinical and Translational Science

Allis C. David PhD Epigenetics Gairdner, NAS
Auerbach Arleen PhD Fanconi anemia  
Bargmann Cori PhD Neural basis of behavior NAS
Bieniasz Paul PhD HIV virology HHMI
Blobel Günter MD, PhD Cell biology Nobel, IOM, NAS, Lasker, Gairdner
Blumenfeld Jon MD Polycystic kidney disease  
Breslow Jan L. MD Metabolic diseases IOM, NAS, AAP, ASCI
Brivanlou Ali PhD Stem cell biology  
Casanova Jean-Laurent MD, PhD Genetics of infectious disease ASCI, NAS
Caskey Marina MD HIV, Vaccine development  
Chait Brian T. D.Phil Protein structure  
Cohen Paul MD, PhD Molecular metabolism  
Coller Barry S. MD Blood and vascular
Darnell Robert MD, PhD Neurologic oncology & immunology IOM, AAP, NAS
de Lange Titia PhD DNA replication & malignancy NAS, IOM, Gairdner
Evering Teresa MD, MS HIV  
Fischetti Vincent A. PhD Microbiology and novel antibiotics  
Friedman Jeffrey M. MD, PhD Metabolic disease IOM, NAS, AAP, Lasker, Gairdner
Freiwald Winrich PhD Face recognition  
Fuchs Elaine PhD Skin biology & cancer IOM, NAS, National Medal of Science
Gadsby David C. PhD Cellular physiology  
Gleeson Joseph G. M.D. Neurosciences AAP, IOM
Glickman J. Fraser PhD High Throughput Screening  
Gilbert Charles D. MD, PhD Neurobiology of vision NAS
Gotschlich Emil C. MD Microbiology & vaccine development IOM, NAS, AAP, ASCI, Lasker
Greengard Paul PhD Neurobiology & Alzheimer’s disease Nobel, IOM, NAS, ASCI
Hang Howard PhD Immune recognition  
Ho David D. MD HIV pathogenesis, therapy, & vaccine development IOM
Holt Peter MD Chemoprevention in malignancy ASCI
Hudgins Lisa MD Renal dialysis & inflammation  
Kapoor Tarun PhD Cell physiology & high throughput screening  
Kreek Mary Jeanne MD Addictive diseases AAP
Krueger James G. MD, PhD Inflammatory and neoplastic skin diseases AAP, ASCI
MacKinnon Roderick MD Molecular Neurobiology and Biophysics Nobel, Lasker, NAS, Gairdner
Magnasco Marcelo PhD Biophysics of neurosensory perception  
Markowitz Martin MD HIV therapy  
Mazel Svetlana PhD Flow Cytometry  
McEwen Bruce S. PhD Neuroendocrinology of stress & behavior IOM, NAS
Mehandru Saurabh MD HIV Mucosal Immunity  
Molina Henrik PhD Proteomics  
Norinsky Rada MS Transgenic animal models  
North Alison PhD Bioimaging  
Nottebohm Fernando PhD Neuroregeneration NAS
Nussenzweig Michel C. MD, PhD Immunology & autoimmunity, HIV NAS, IOM, ASCI
Orange Dana MD, MS Autoimmunity, Rheumatology  
Oren Deena PhD Structural Biology  
Ott Jurg PhD Human genetics  
Papavasiliou Nina Phd Immunology  
Pfaff Donald PhD Neuroendocrinology NAS
Ponda Manish MD, MS Kidney Disease; Vitamin D  
Ravetch Jeffrey V. MD, PhD Allergy, immunology & autoimmunity IOM, NAS, ASCI, Gairdner
Renwick Neil MD, PhD Post-transcriptonal diseases  
Rice Charles M. PhD Hepatitis C NAS
Rout Michael P. PhD Cell biology  
Sakmar Thomas P. MD Vision & signal transduction  
Schlesinger Sarah MD HIV vaccine & pathology  
Schuch Raymond PhD Bacterial lysins  
Siggia Eric D. PhD Biophysics NAS
Simon Sanford M. PhD Cell biology & imaging  
Smogorzewska Agata MD, PhD Fanconi anemia, DNA repair  
Stebbins Erec PhD Microbiology  
Steller Hermann PhD Oncogenesis  
Strickland Sidney PhD Neurobiology & Alzheimer’s diseases  
Tarakhovsky Alexander MD, PhD Lymphocyte signaling  
Tavazoie Sohail MD, PhD Cancer Metastases  ASCI
Tessier-Lavigne Marc PhD Brain Development and Repair NAS, IOM
Tobin Jonathan N. PhD Community-based Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER)  
Tolwani Ravi PhD Comparative physiology  
Tomasz Alexander PhD Microbiology & antibiotics  
Tuschl Thomas PhD MicroRNAs & Genome  
Uryu Kunihiro PhD Electron Microscopy  
Vosshall Leslie PhD Olfaction  NAS
Wei Yufeng PhD Spectroscopy  
Weis-Garcia Frances PhD Monoclonal antibodies  
Yang Chingwen PhD Gene targeting  
Young Michael W. PhD Neurobiology & circadian rhythms NAS, Gairdner
Wiesel Torsten MD Neurobiology of vision Nobel, IOM, NAS, National Medal of Science
Williams Zev MD, PhD Miscarriage, Fertility, RNA biology  
Zhang Shen-Ying MD, PhD Human inborn errors of immunity to viral diseases  
Zhao Connie PhD Transgenic animals  

* KEY:
AAP: Association of American Physicians
ASCI: American Society for Clinical Investigation
IOM: Institute of Medicine
NAS:National Academy of Sciences

The faculty of the CCTS includes 4 Nobel laureates, 4 Lasker Award winners, 23 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 16 members of the Institute of Medicine, 8 members of the Associa