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Data Analysis Core

The Rockefeller University Center for Clinical and Translational Science has created a new core facility in order to meet the increasing need for advanced technology to analyze gene expression and associated data. Led by Edward Barbour, Hospital Informatics Manager, and staffed by Ms. Natasha Levenkova, the Center has obtained user licenses for GeneSpring GX and Ingenuity Pathways Analysis. Both of these products are now available to Center Investigators. GeneSpring GX is a powerful visualization and analysis solution tool designed for use with gene expression data. Regarded as the gold standard in desktop expression analysis, GeneSpring GX allows researchers to identify targets quickly and reliably. By providing statistically meaningful results, GeneSpring GX enables prediction of clinical outcomes and characterization of novel expression patterns. Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (IPA) is a powerful tool for gaining biological insight from microarray or proteomics studies. It utilizes the world's largest curated database consisting of millions of individually modeled relationships among proteins, genes, complexes, cells, tissues, drugs, and diseases. To facilitate efficient use of these powerful products, the new Analysis Core is also offering customized training programs that can be scheduled by contacting any of the core staff. Individual advice about applying these tools is also available by contacting Ms. Natasha Levenkova.

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