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Science and Security:
External and Foreign Engagements with Rockefeller University Researchers

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International students and scholars, and international collaborations are vital and integral aspects of our continued scientific endeavors. This is a reminder of our responsibilities related to disclosure of external and foreign engagements.
United States government agencies and research sponsors are looking closely at whether engagements with foreign individuals and entities are compliant with the laws and regulations that apply to research funding. This is an evolving area of concern and focus for the government, and their main concerns focus on national security and the potential for valuable intellectual property and other research resources being inappropriately and sometimes illegally transferred to foreign nations. Members of Congress and officials in other federal agencies have begun a searching look at the relationships that academia, business, and related organizations have with other national governments and foreign entities.

This webpage is being developed to include FAQs, news from sponsors, case studies, and other training materials. It will be updated as requirements change over the course of time and as we develop or modify processes. To help Rockefeller ensure compliance with laws and regulations and support University research, the University requires that you comply with University and sponsor disclosure requirements and policies.

We highlight below a list of required compliance steps, Rockefeller policies, and contacts for assistance:

•    Disclose information on active and pending support (“Other Support”) and non-US performance sites during the proposal submission process and as they arise throughout the lifetime of a project as required by external sponsors. Additional information on sponsor disclosure requirements can be found in this guidance chart.

•    Disclose conflicts of interest and outside professional activities in accordance with institutional policies, including the Conflict of Interest Policy.

•    Work with the appropriate office if you receive gifts or sponsored research funds to ensure institutional review and vetting is conducted. If you are contacted by a company, organization, or an individual regarding a potential gift (monetary or in-kind) or offer of collaboration, involve the following University offices as early as possible in these discussions:

•    For research support and collaborations with non-profit organization, foundations, or foreign governments, contact the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration.
•    NOTE: In some cases, you will work with both OSPA and Development on a proposal to a non-profit organization/foundation. Contact your Sponsored Programs Officer (SPO) to discuss.
•    For research support and collaborations with industry, contact the Office of Technology Transfer.
•    For gifts, contact Development Department.
•    Comply with University signatory authority requirements. Investigators should not sign any type of partnership agreement, data sharing agreement, material transfer agreement or otherwise commit or implicate the University or its resources through legal agreements or documents, whether binding or non-binding, unless authorized to do so.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration