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Spotlight on In-house Funding Database

December 2012

The SR‐PD funding database is our primary tool for identifying sponsored research funding opportunities relevant to RU investigators, disseminating them to our user community, and following-up with targeted emails. It is modifiable in response to user feedback and in anticipation of future investigator and institutional needs.

This in-house developed resource is web-based and it features search capabilities by eligibility, research area, application deadline, sponsor and award type, and more. Search criteria may be revised, removed and added as needed. Main components of the database are a powerful search engine, a calendar interface, and archived results. Direct searches of the database, using specific key words, yield customized results.

Funding opportunities are identified and entered into the database as they become available.  Opportunity-specific records in the database include the basic details from the sponsor, along with associated F&A and Fringe Benefit rates, Managing Office on campus, Expected Success Rates, and more.

Weekly funding alerts, generated by the database, are emailed to our research community and archived by date for easy access and retrieval. The alerts, usually 12-15 funding opportunities/week, provide a synopsis of each of the latest funding opportunities. A subset of the funding opportunity information maintained in the database is also available on our Grant Seeking Resources page. It includes opportunities by career stage, e.g. graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and new investigators, as well as international funding resources.

Currently, there are over 300 sponsors and nearly 2,900 funding opportunities in the database.  In 2012, there were approximately 2,800 visits to our funding database.

You are welcome to visit and explore our funding database and take full advantage of the information in it. SR-PD will continue to work with you and RU IT on expanding and refining the format and content of our resources in order to support your work.

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