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NIH K99/R00 Budget Justification Guidelines
Our boilerplates and sample text for selected applications may be used as a starting point for your applications, and should be modified to meet sponsor's requirements and to align with your proposed research plan. The following guidelines were developed to with creating a budget justification for an NIH K99/R00 budget. Please also refer to the Budget Justification Guide and Boilerplate for more general information on your budget justification.
NIH K99/R00 Budget
The K99 phase requires you to have at least 9 calendar months (75%) effort. For the R00 phase, candidates are required to devote no less than 75% of their full-time, 12-month professional effort to research (i.e., full-time for 9 person-months), but the required 9 person-months of research effort need not be devoted exclusively to the R00-supported research.
Bear in mind that each institute/center may have differnent emphases and program requirements, which may also inform your budget. Please be sure to consult the Table of IC-Specific Information, Requirements and Staff Contacts when completing your budget. The following sample text can be used as a starting place for your budget justification.

Mentored K99 Phase 
Principal Investigator, X Calendar Months: the grant will cover salary and fringe benefits. $X is requested for research support costs to cover supplies such as XX as well as travel to/from scientific meetings.
Mentor, 0 Calendar Months: Will provide advice and consultation on the project as well as assist with career development plans. Salary is not requested.
The Rockefeller University's fringe rate is X. The provisional rate X is used from X - X. [See our Administrative Data page for current rates per fiscal year.]
Independent R00 Phase
The $249,000 total costs allowed for the R00 phase are not itemized here, as that detail will be provided at the time of the independent phase activation. For the independent phase I will [describe hiring plans, such as a techniian] for the proposed research. The grant will cover salary and fringe benefits for the PI and [any other positions, i.e. technician], and supplies/services such as X. A detailed budget will be provided when the host institution, F&A costs, specific personnel and base salary for the R00 phase are known.
Principal Investigator, X Calendar Months.
TBD [if applicable - specify role and calendar months]
Additional Resources
NIH Notice of Correction to Budget Instructions for PA-14-042 (Parent K99/R00)