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Transferring Active & Pending Awards

When an investigator moves to/from another institution, his/her active and pending awards must either be transferred to the new institution or closed out. The transfer would normally be initiated by the investigator and would require the 'old' institution to relinquish the award and return it to the sponsor; next, the PI and his/her new institution must submit a transfer application to request the grant be moved to the new institution. Before authorizing the transfer, the sponsor will generally determine if the facilities and resources at the new institution will allow for the successful performance of the project, and if the PI plans any significant changes in research objectives and level of expenditures from those described in the previously approved project.Thus, the transfer process would involve the investigator, the former institution via its Sponsored Research office, the new institution via its Sponsored Research office, and the sponsor. Investigators are urged to contact OSPA and his/her SPO as soon as a move is confirmed since the transfer process could take months.

Transfer of Active & Pending Awards to RU
The transfer of active & pending awards to RU is usually associated with new HOLs and their laboratories moving to RU, and is coordinated by our Pre-Award and Program Development areas.

Transfer of Active & Pending Awards from RU
The transfer of active awards from RU to other institutions is coordinated by our Post-Award area.
The transfer of pending awards/applications from RU to other institutions is coordinated by our Pre-Award area. 

Transferring an NIH Award

Transferring an NSF Award
If a PI plans to leave an organization during the course of an NSF award, the organization has
the prerogative to nominate a replacement PI, request that the award be terminated, or transfer the award (via NSF) to the PI's new organization. Replacement PIs are subject to NSF approval. In those cases where a particular PI's participation is integral to a given project and the PI's original and new organizations agree, an award transfer request shall be submitted via the Notification and Request module in the FastLane system. See AAG Chapter II.B.2.e for additional information on award transfers.

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