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RAS-Grants User Guides and Training Documentation
The documents below were created by OSPA staff in collaboration with Huron Consulting Group to provide guidance on how to use the RAS-Grants system. We hope you find them useful. More guides will be added as they become available.
Keep in mind that in-person training is always available, and that you can direct specific questions to the following personnel: 
 - Your Sponsored Programs Officer (SPO) 
 - Kate Ross,  Assistant Director Sponsored Programs
 - Collette Ryder, Director, OSPA
SF424 Funding Proposal User Guide: For applications being submitted via RAS-Grants to
     Typically, this would be NIH, CDC, and DOD applications
Non-424 Funding Proposal User Guide: For applications which are not submitted directly to
     This includes incoming subawards, NSF, NY State, and Foundation/Non-Profit applications
Create Renewal User Guide
     For competitive renewals of a current award
Create Resubmission User Guide
     For resubmissions of unfunded proposals
Continuation/Progress Report User Guide
     For progress reports on awarded projects
Budget Template - Word 
Budget Template - Excel