The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

Group Reference Strains

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H Group L Group M Group N Group O No Group

Group B Type Strains: Type Ia Type Ib Type Ic Type II Type III

Type Ia Strains:

15RS84 (Ia crosses III Oct.1966) A349 A350 A570 (Mixed culture Ia + ?) A580 A638 A662 A663 A665 A666 A669 A695 A895 A931 A909 (Crosses with Ib) C175 D136D D803 D870 D934 F329 F345 (3) F387 F388 F389 F392 F394 F395 F576 O90 O90 (R) O90 ("R"; C-colony) O90 (R; C-colony) O90S/32/1 O90S/12/1