The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

Group Reference Strains

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H Group L Group M Group N Group O No Group

Group B Type Strains: Type Ia Type Ib Type Ic Type II Type III

Type Ib Strains:

10RS69 12RS69 (LN) 12RS69 (RN) 18RS69 19RS69 (RN) 22RP78 22RS69 (LN) 3RS31 (TH) 4RP31 (TH) 7RS69 8RS69 (RN) 8RS69 (LN) A537 A640 A670 A707 A747 A757 A943 B366 (Dead 6/1982) B387 B388 (Dead 1/12/1981) B389 (Dead 1/12/1981) B390 B393 (Dead 1/12/1981) B498 (Pattison S5) B631 (Dead 1982) C12B D356 (No cross with Ia) D981 F472 H36B (5) H36B H36B/7/3 H69B15 (Crosses with Type II) H93B4 O9O (60; Tryptic)