The Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus StrainsThe Lancefield Collection of Streptococcus Strains

Group Reference Strains

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H Group L Group M Group N Group O No Group

Group B Type Strains: Type Ia Type Ib Type Ic Type II Type III

Type II Strains:

18RS21/19/1 20RS279 (Crosses with anti Ib,c) 33RP194 (B) 33RP194 (A; Dead 7/30/1979) 46RP221 (Type II) 57RP145 (Crosses with anti Ib,c) A347 A348 A550 A660 B125 B135 B418 B499 (; Dead 6/1982) B500 (Green; Dead 1982) B501 (; Dead 6/1982) B502 (; Dead 6/1982) C246 D797 F325 (Crosses with Type Ib) F326 (Crosses with Type Ib) F327 F328 F338 F393 (Crosses with Ic) F425 (Cow) F426 (Cow) F427 (Cow) F428 (Cow) F429 (Cow) F430 (Cow) F431 (Cow) F432 (Cow) F433 (Cow) F434 (Cow) F435 (Cow) F436 (Cow) F437 (Cow) F438 (Cow) F439 (Cow) F440 (Cow) F441 (Cow) F442 (Cow) F443 (Cow) F444 (Cow) F445 (Cow) F446 (Cow) F448 (Cow) F449 (Cow) F450 (Cow) F451 (Cow) F452 (Cow) F453 (Cow) F454 (Cow) F456 (Cow) F457 (Cow) F458 (Cow) F459 (Cow) F460 (Cow) F461 (Cow) F462 (Cow) F463 (Cow) F464 (Cow) F465 (Cow) F466 (Cow) F467 (Cow) F468 (Cow) F469 (Cow) F470 (Cow) F486 (Cow) F487 (Cow) F489 (Cow) F495 (Cow) F501 (Cow) F505 (Cow) F568 (Cow) F577 (Cow) F581 F753 V818RS21 V9